A title that says "Our Pop Up Theatre, Your Neighbourhood." The words Pop-Up Theatre are in bright red with white marquis lights.

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Theatre SKAM brings our theatre to you with Pop-Up Theatre Home Delivery! Our Pop-Up theatre is transformed into an open-air stage on a flatbed truck, touring shows all around the Greater Victoria Area.

Our shows are generally around 15 minutes, suitable for all ages and change with the seasons. Find out what shows we’re offering this season down below! Pop-Up Theatre shows are the perfect entertainment for your household, birthday or block party, community event, youth centre or family night – we do it all!

All performances are written by the fantastic Pop-Up team, view current show descriptions for credits.  

Pop-Up Theatre Home Delivery has been featured in the season finale of CBC’s Exhibitionists seriesCHEK News, CTV, CBC, Times Colonist and more.

“Our group LOVED the show! The women are very talented. Theatre SKAM is a gem!”
– Daphne

“Thanks again for coming to our street! It was great to see all the neighbours out, and we had some good chuckles.”

“A great experience. Treat your neighbours, your family, your street. Very entertaining.”
– Sue

Meet our Pop-Up Cast:

What are the shows I can choose from?

Hearty Stew

Written by Kaelan Bain, Kendra Bidwell and Courtney Crawford 

Stories to put a warm glow in your heart. Featuring a decades-old feud between two wacky rivals, a musical about the minor inconveniences of covid, a search for happiness, and siblings finding a way to cope after a loved one passes away. Play titles: Life Can Be a Musical, Skydancers, Choosing Light, Teddy.

Dine n’ Dash

Written by Kaelan Bain, Kendra Bidwell, Courtney Crawford, and Paula Humby

For the adventurous, and those who aren’t afraid to dive into the unknown! Featuring kittens, diving boards, a tax collector, and a mystical quest. Play titles: The Great Escape, Sir Harold, Selene Versus the Darkness.

Mystery Meat

Written by Kendra Bidwell, Yasmin D’Oshun and Paula Humby

Who knows what the cafeteria has in store for you today! But we can ensure you it’ll be a tasty comedic treat. Featuring construction workers, an office crush, and Detective Sheryl Holmes. Play titles: A Well-Constructed Compliment, (Also Me)et Cute, The Last Case.

Hot Wings with a side of Ranch

Written by Kaelan Bain, Kendra Bidwell, Courtney Crawford and Yasmin D’Oshun

So spicy, they’re almost on fire. Can you handle the heat? Pick this one if a deserted island, romance, and hints of smoke entice you.  Play titles: The Sixth Scent Brothers, La Paloma Magica, Stranded.

*Please note, none of our shows come with food.

What is the recommended donation?

Pop-Up Shows are by donation. You pay what you want: if you would like to see a show for free, that’s a-okay. Our donation suggestions are:

  • $60 – what we think one show is worth
  • $100 – if you want to cover the true production cost
  • >$100 – if you want to pay it forward so someone else can see a show for free. 
    Cash donations are accepted (contactless) on site. You can always book for free, or for $20, invite friends and encourage them to bring donations.
What are the location & space requirements?

We currently serve Victoria, Oak Bay, Esquimalt, Saanich and View Royal – the five municipalities that contribute full shares to the CRD Arts Development Fund. If you live outside that boundary, please make us an offer.

The Pop-Up Truck needs a relatively flat space of 30 feet/two car lengths to park and with six metres between the audience and performers.

Who can I contact with questions?

Please email popup@skam.ca for all inquiries.

Book Your Show

To book a 15 minute show, please contact us at popup@skam.ca or 780-974-9745. Please book your show at least 24 hours in advance.

The Pop-Up runs Thursday through Sunday! You can book a show on:

Thursday between 5:00 – 8:00 pm
Friday between 3:00 – 8:00 pm
Saturday between 1:00 – 8:00 pm
Sunday between 2:00 – 8:00 pm

We want to acknowledge the wonderful support of Island Savings, Victoria Foundations’ Community Recovery Grant, the BC Arts Council, and the City of Victoria’s Strategic Plan Grant.    

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