Our Pop-Up Theatre!

Our Pop-Up Theatre visits parks, festivals and farmers markets around Victoria. Big thanks to the City of Victoria’s Strategic Grant program for kicking the Pop-Up into high gear.

We’re now available for hire! We do weddings, birthdays, and other events around Victoria and elsewhere!

We have a collection of local professional artists who perform a variety of short shows for small audiences. We can come to your party, park our truck, and keep repeating shows until everyone has had their fill.

It’s affordable, fun, and unique.

Contact [email protected] if you would love us to visit!

Our Pop-Up Theatre operates on the back of our Mobile Performance Venue (our truck) and this summer, will tour a variety of spaces throughout the City of Victoria.

THIS PAST SUMMER: The Pop Up Theatre had an almost permanent home at Ship’s Point (along the water at Wharf St. and Courtney St.) and was featured at the Moss Street Market, the Oak Bay Night Market, and many other events. Our summer students Una, Olive, Kelly, and Sadie operated the mobile performance venue all summer and put on shows for people all over Victoria.

We want to acknowledge the wonderful support of the City of Victoria’s Strategic Plan Grant towards the Pop-Up Live Theatre Series! It was a magical summer thanks to them.