Image of the SKAMpede banner featuring a goose with text that reads: now accepting applications for skampede '22.
Theatre SKAM seeks applications from Canadian Performing Arts Companies and Artists for new 8 to 10 minute works to be performed outdoors in Victoria, BC: July 8, 9 & 10 (with preview events July 6 & 7), 2022.

Deadline extension: January 17th, 2022 at 12 PM PST.

Theatre SKAM is seeking applications from Canadian artists for SKAMpede 2022. In its fourteenth year, this live performance event features original short performances by artists stationed outside along paved commuter and recreational trails, including the Galloping Goose Regional Trail, the Songhees Walkway, and the David Foster Walkway in the downtown core.

Performances are repeated over the course of the day as audiences roll, walk, or stroll their way in groups of 12 from show to show. SKAMpede is a multi-disciplinary performance festival. We encourage applications from all performance disciplines; in the past the event has featured comedy, drama, storytelling, spoken word, improv, music, opera, puppetry and dance. 12 short works will be programmed for this family-friendly festival.

Use of Setting                                               

Performers are encouraged to be creative and consider the physical landscape of downtown Victoria, the green spaces along trails, and the harbourfront when crafting submissions. Previous festivals have included venues such as harbour or waterfront areas, areas around natural sites or features like trees and bushes, sidewalk spaces out front of Heritage Buildings and local businesses. Traditionally we receive applications for many environmental and nature-based shows. As we expand along the City’s downtown waterfront, we have increased opportunities for urban-based show locations. SKAMpede has no theme but performing outdoors! We are looking for Site Specific and Site Responsive performance creation that demonstrates innovative thinking.

How to Apply

Please first read through the Call for Applications and our Application Info Package. You can also look at SKAMpede 2021 and our 2021 FAQ if you want more information. The Call for Applications and our Application Info Package are available as PDFs as well.

To make the process of applying to the festival more accessible, there are multiple ways that you can submit your application for SKAMpede 2022. 

  • Google Form – the answers to the questions can be done in point form if that is more accessible for the applicant
  • Audio File (the audio will be transcribed to keep anonymity for the jury) – the file can be the applicant reading aloud their answers to the questions provided in the Google Form link
  • Video File (the video will be transcribed to keep anonymity for the jury) – the video can be of the applicant reading aloud their answers to the questions provided in the Google form link [This is not meant to be a creative video submission but rather another format to send in the submission]
  • Interview with a Theatre SKAM staff member (In person/phone/video) – the Theatre SKAM staff member will read the questions aloud and record the answers of the applicant in an anonymous fashion to keep in line for the jury
  • Contact Logan Swain ([email protected]).

Fees Granted, Accommodations & Additional Support

Successful applicants are paid a professional fee to be part of the festival. Successful applicants from outside Victoria may also be provided accommodation and travel, contingent upon funding. If an applicant already has accommodation, they should inform us in their application. Our goal is to assist artists in applying for grant funding to provide for travel and accommodation. We encourage any out-of-town artists to apply for funding through applicable arts councils and other funding bodies.

We set fees according to the number of participants in each show. We pay each company $650 per company member, so a company of 3 artists (regardless of how many roles each artist has in production) would be paid a total of $1950.  (We cannot hire a full production team to make a ten-minute show, please consider the scope of the festival when deciding on production team numbers. It is usual in the festival for team members to wear multiple hats.)


All companies must be available for all five dates of the event:

  • Evening Dress Rehearsals: Wednesday, July 6th & Thursday, July 7th
  • Evening Preview Event: Friday, July 8th
  • Daytime Performances: Saturday, July 9th & Sunday, July 10th

Out of town companies should be prepared to spend up to five nights in Victoria (arrive the morning of July 6th; depart July 11th.)

Below is a preliminary festival schedule for 2022. A dress rehearsal for fellow artists and an invited audience Wednesday and Thursday evening (each tour has one dress rehearsal and gets to watch the other three tours);  A Friday event where artists perform up to 5 times before returning to the HUB for an evening event; Main festival on Saturday and Sunday where each company can expect to perform up to 14 times each day, from Noon to 7 PM with two breaks.

Preliminary Schedule (subject to change)

  • Wednesday, July 6th & Thursday, July 7th
    • 5 to 6 PM: Orientation
    • 6 to 6:15 PM: Break
    • 6:15 to 7:30 PM: Dress Rehearsal
    • 7:30 to 7:45 PM: Break
    • 7:45 to 9:00 PM: Dress Rehearsal
    • 9:00 to 9:30 PM: Wrap Up
  • Friday, July 8th
    • 6:00 PM: Audience tour 1 departs
    • 6:20 PM: Audience tour 2 departs
    • 6:40 PM: Audience tour 3 departs
    • 7:00 PM: Audience tour 4 departs
    • 7:20 PM: Audience tour 5 departs
    • 8 to 10 PM: Hub Event, Artist Meet & Greet
  • Saturday, July 9th & Sunday, July 10th
      • 12:00 PM: Audience tour 1 departs
      • 12:20 PM: Audience tour 2 departs
      • 12:40 PM: Audience tour 3 departs
      • 1:00 PM: Audience tour 4 departs
      • 1:20 PM: Audience tour 5 departs
      • 2:30 PM: Audience tour 6 departs
      • 2:50PM: Audience tour 7 departs
      • 3:10 PM: Audience tour 8 departs
      • 3:30 PM: Audience tour 9 departs
      • 3:50 PM: Audience tour 10 departs
      • 4:40 PM: Audience tour 11 departs
      • 5:00 PM: Audience tour 12 departs
      • 5:20 PM: Audience tour 13 departs
      • 5:40 PM: Audience tour 14 departs
      • 6:40 PM: Final audience tour finishes

Future Prospects                                          

In the last several years, 14 shows created for this festival have found further work or paid development elsewhere. One author was even commissioned to create a full-length version of her 10-minute piece.

Covid-19 Context                                            

We expect that SKAMpede 2022 will look similar to the physically distanced version we held in 2021. The extremely successful event was our largest SKAMpede yet and featured primarily Vancouver Island performers. Audience members were required to pre-book their tours and maintain physical distancing. We worked closely with the City of Victoria to ensure the festival was as safe as possible and increased staffing. With this in mind, we are planning a return to welcoming provincial and national artists for the 2022 SKAMpede festival. Still, we remain mindful of the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 and the Public Health Orders that may be in place come July.

All Theatre SKAM activities and events are governed by our Communicable Disease Prevention Plan, which can be found here. We update the policy continuously in response to changing Public Health and Industry guidelines. 

Theatre SKAM is a mandatory vaccination workplace. All staff, employees, artists, and contractors are required to be vaccinated as a condition of employment for in-person activities.



New to the festival? Contact SKAM directly to discuss your project. Artistic Producer Matthew Payne can be reached at 1(250)386-7526 or [email protected]