SKAM presents the Process of Production

Created, Written, & Produced by Mo Hatch

SKAM’s new Process of Production is a small podcast series created and produced by Marketing Assistant Mo Hatch (they/them). Each Friday, they will release a new episode featuring an interview with the cast and crew of SKAM’s projects such as Labyrinth, the Home Delivery Pop-Up Theatre, and SKAMpede. Stay tuned and keep an eye open for new episodes.

You can find the episodes on Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Music, Spotify, or below. Transcripts are also linked in the description of each episode.

Episode 1: Labyrinth.

With guests Catherine Hahn and Matthew Payne. Transcript available here (pdf) or here (docx).

Process of Production – The Pop-Up (1/2)

by Theatre SKAM

Episode 2: The Pop-Up

With guests Kaelan Bain, Zoe Salvin, and Lynnéa Chan.

Transcript available here (docx) and here (pdf).