Cover image: SKAMpede accessibility with three symbols: a person using a  wheelchair, hands doing the ASL for interpreter, and someone using a cane.

Theatre SKAM strives to improve accessibility to our SKAMpede festival. All trails for the tours are paved concrete and the Songhees Park where the Hub is stationed this year features a paved plaza with imitation brick cobblestone. There will be ASL-interpreted tours on Sunday July 16 (see times below). We offer all printed materials in a variety of formats including large format plain-text and plain-text using the font OpenDyslexia by request. Digital materials, excluding the visual version of the SKAMpede guide, are available as .DOCX and .PDF. There will also be an access tent where you can take a moment if you are overstimulated or need rest (with fidget toys provided) for attendees in addition to a braile menus available at our concession stand.

Content Notes and Trigger Warnings are included alongside the artists’ lineup, in the Access Guide, and in the SKAMpede guide.



SKAMpede ASL Tours in text and fingerspelling

ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreted performances are a way of making shows accessible to patrons who are Deaf or hard of hearing. The ASL Interpreter stands to the side of the stage to interpret the spoken (or sung) parts of a performance. Theatre SKAM is fortunate to have a partnership with Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing, who has sponsored our ASL Interpreter. 

Information about the ASL Interpreted Tours/Shows:

  • Sunday, July 16th 12:40 PM Central Tour
  • Sunday, July 16th 2:00 PM Hub Performance (non-ticketed event)
  • Sunday, July 16th 4:30 PM Songhees Tour
Photo of two Embrace Arts performers at the 2022 SKAMpede. Both are blowing bubbles. Claire is using a wheelchair while the other person, Tiffany, is squatting and is level next to Claire.