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Welcome Artistic and Community Liaison, Hannah Bell!

We are thrilled to announce we have added the brand new position, Artistic and Community Liaison, to the Theatre SKAM Team. Welcome Hannah! As Artistic and Community Liaison, Hannah's job is to  work closely with marginalized communities in Victoria to ensure that they are represented with Theatre SKAM.

Update on COVID announcement

To our SKAM School of Performing Arts students, parents, and supporters:

We want to reassure you that we are complying with the new health regulations set out by the BC government yesterday (Thursday) and that our school remains a safe, healthy and nurturing place for students.

Behind the Scenes: Pop-Up

Curious what our Pop-Up Truck looks like for October? Want to know how the magic happens and what it looks like inside? Here's a special behind-the-scenes look:


Theatre SKAM is pleased to announce that at our Annual General Meeting on September 25, Dominique Jacobs and Jay Duncan joined our board.

Dominique Jacobs' Bio

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Dominique’s family fled persecution from the apartheid regime to come to North America in the early 80’s. She is a Communications Specialist with international experience. 

How a Theatre Stage Manager Came to Start Her Own Sustainability Business

Photo: Sadie Fox at the 2020 SKAMpede Festival.

It’s SKAMpede Festival 2020, a summer’s day, and Sadie Fox is on her bike pulling a trailer behind her as she whizzes back and forth between venues. The trailer is stock-full of buckets each with their own purpose from recycling to compost. Sadie is teaching people as she fills them up, giving interesting informational tidbits such as why chip bags are saved for recycling and not garbage (the inner lining can actually be recycled).

“Recycling is economics. Like the stock market, it changes. Think of it as batching,” Sadie says.

Check out our chat with Carly, from our SKAMpede Media Sponsor, Used.ca!

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