Pop-Ups of the Past


In recent years, the Pop-Up Theatre spent many days at Ship’s Point (along the water at Wharf St. and Courtney St.) and was featured at the Moss Street Market, the Oak Bay Night Market, and many other events. In 2019, our summer students Una, Olive, Kelly, and Sadie operated the mobile performance venue, putting on shows for people all over Victoria throughout the summer.

We want to acknowledge the wonderful support of the City of Victoria’s 2019 Strategic Plan Grant towards the Pop-Up Live Theatre Series! It was a magical summer thanks to them.

Pop-up from the Past: The Salty Broads appeared in the Pop-Up Theatre and at SKAMpede in 2019.

The Skam Pop-Up Theatre on the back of a pick up truck. the four walls are beige with a brightly coloured sign that says "There's a Theatre in here!". On the side is a long sign in red with white marquis lights and letters that say SKAM.
A young person, with their hands on their waist, grinning, standing in the doorway of a SKAM trailer.
Three people standing infront of a SKAM trailer. They are all looking at the camera smiling. One person is leaning on a bike.
The Theatre SKAM trailer.


Pop-Up Theatre Home Delivery Launch

When COVID-19 rocked the globe in March 2020, theatres around the world were forced to adapt or shut down. Once we realized our Pop-Up was the perfect way to deliver theatre in a safe, socially-distanced way, the walls came down and the show went on! That summer saw the launch of Pop-Up Theatre Home Delivery where people could order a play to come to them. Four emerging artists, hired through the Canada Summer Jobs program, wrote and performed four different shows consisting of a series of short, fun skits sprinkled with musical numbers.

Four women in their early twentties stand in front of the pop up theatre stage on the back of a pick up truck. The girl on the far left has her elbow propped up against the truck siding with the other hand on her hip. The others have their arms crossed and stare at the camera.

The Pop-Up Home Delivery Theatre continued throughout 2021. We had shows in the summer, fall, and winter. In the summer, Kaelan Bain, Kendra Bidwell, Courtney Crawford, and Yasmin D’Oshun performed dozens of short plays as well as put on an open-mic night at the Courthouse Playground. In October, we brought back our two shadow puppet shows, The Quest for the Moon (by Olivia Wheeler) and Silly & Scary Stories. December was well met with two short romantic comedies created and developed by our students from our Rom-Com class, Kendra Bidwell, Brianna Bock, Jessica Burdge, Justin F. Lee, Lindsey Schneider, and Ciaran Volke.








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