Why do you make theatre?

Aisha: I love making theatre and I love the way that it can so beautifully capture a story like no other art form can.

Maya: There are many reasons why I make theatre, for the enjoyment, the thrill, the challenge, but if I were to pinpoint one main reason I’d have to say it’s to create a story. Being able to turn a story to life and put it on for people to experience feels so incredibly amazing.

Ruby: I make theatre because to me it’s art in its purest form. It’s loud or quiet and colorful or dull and funny or sad. Not one other art medium can capture sound and light and emotion and dance and community as a good piece of theatre. It can be anything – so it is everything.

Scott: I’ve been a part of the theatre scene since I was little. It plays such a large part of my life, and I make it because I love it. I love the adrenaline rush of being on stage. The feeling of seeing something come together. I live for the moments when the lights dim and everyone claps. And I love the community, connections, and people. Making theatre makes me happy, that’s why I do it.


Do you have any plays that impacted you or that you find inspirational?

Aisha: I can’t name a specific play but there have been so many amazing Fringe shows that I’ve seen that have totally shifted my perception of what theatre can be.

Maya: I think I’d have to say the play Mustard written by Kat Sandler. I had the opportunity to see it be performed back in 2019 at the Belfry Theatre and it was truly an amazing show. It was one of my first times seeing a more “serious acting” type performance on stage, it really opened my eyes to how many different types of stage acting there are.

Ruby: I remember so vividly the experience of seeing Onegin for the first time at The Belfry. It’s now my favorite musical. But I also recall when I was in 7th grade and acted in a show called Lady here at SKAM with the AAC. It was the first time I had felt a true sense of love for the stage and all that comes with the process of creating a show.

Scott: My favorite play is Concord Floral by Jordan Tannahill. When I went and saw SKAM’s production of it I was entranced! I saw it seven times I was so into it. It inspires all of my work too. It is the reason I love monologues and chorus casts and the way SKAM performed it was so enthralling. There’s a magic about it that just hooked me and now I try and put that magic into all of my work.


Cast – How would you describe your character?

Aisha: Nell on the outside seems like your pretty average rich grade 9 with a lake house but inside there’s a lot going on for her. She has a lot of issues to work through but underneath it all, I think she just wants to be loved and feel like people care about her. She’s also an incredibly fierce powerful person which I love.

Maya: Lottie is a character who has so much inner depth to her. Just when you think you know her, you discover something new about who she really is. She is resilient, stubborn, and full of emotion. She struggles with the conflicts of wanting to reach out to others but also feeling the need to stop being “in the spotlight”.

Ruby: Inez is sarcastic and funny and attention-grabbing, but at the time we see her during the show, she is at her lowest point. She is troubled and disgraced and feels as though the universe truly means for her to lose everything she has ever wished for.


Cast – Are there any similarities between you and your character?

Aisha: I definitely do in a lot of ways feel connected to Nell. Nell struggles to express her feelings and definitely has a lot of anger and that’s something that I also have struggled with. Also, Nells very into tarot and so am I. so that very much felt like it was meant to be.

Maya: I would say that a similarity Lottie and I have is experiencing the feeling of being worried about what people might think of you based on who you are. To quote one of my lines from the show “If people know this other part of me, they’ll see me how they want to”. It is always tough trying to face the inner judgments of the world around you.

Ruby: There are so many similarities between us it’s actually crazy. I am also sarcastic and loud, at times I can be hot-headed. I will always feel the need to interject when I see an opportunity for comedic prowess.


Assistant Director – How did you get into directing?

Scott: This is actually one of my first times directing! I’ve done a couple of things through school and helped with directing things in previous SKAM classes but this is my first time actually having a concrete directing position. So I guess, auditioning for this! 


Assistant Director – What is it like being the Assistant Director for The Fates ? Have you learned any new skills?

Scott: It is amazing! I have learned so much. Anna Marie is not only a great director but a teacher as well. I’ve learned the ins and outs of every part of directing, how to manage actors respectfully, group work, building scenes and so much more. 


What is something that you learned or will take away from your experience working on The Fates ?

Aisha: I normally do a lot of musical theatre so working with such a small cast on such a very different type of show than a big musical has been a really amazing experience. I definitely feel like I’ve grown so much as an actor playing Nell. All of the character’s names The Fates are so complicated and have so many layers to them and it’s been really amazing playing a character that really challenges me.

Maya: Anna Marie, our director, really encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. To really find the anger within Lottie’s lines and bring it out within myself. As she put it, I am a very gentle person so I often tend to shy away from bringing out intense emotions (like anger) within my acting. It has been really great and eye-opening to watch myself expand my acting skills while doing this show.

Ruby: I have learned so many skills involving dialogue. Learning to flesh out every single word in a single line. Also, I have never acted on an alley staging before, and it was a wonderful challenge. I feel as though I’ve become hyper-aware of how my presence onstage reads to an audience.

Scott: I have honestly learned so much from this production so it’s hard to choose just one thing. I think the thing I’ve really appreciated the most was learning more about directing, specifically how it works in practice. I’m really grateful I learned how to generally direct, as well as how to accomplish what I want well and respectfully.


Can you describe The Fates  in three words?

Aisha: M
agical, Raw, and Intimate.

Maya: Heartwarming, Eye-opening, Mystical.

Ruby: Mystical, Wrenching, and Completion.

Scott: Magical, Youthful, and Loving.