Anna Marie is a UVIC Theatre Graduate. She is the director of Victoria Fringe Productions Summer Bucket List (2019 Best Original New Work, Best Drama) and The Fitting Room (2018 Overall Favourite Show, Bravest Show). She often works with plays that deal with themes such as social justice, coming of age and mental health. In all of her work, she aims to lift the voices of young adults and empower both the artists and the audience. She is thrilled to be working with SKAM and has loved working with the imaginations of the artists involved with SKAMpede and SYC show.

Theatre SKAM is thrilled to have Anna Marie working as the director of The Fates. She has worked in the past as a teaching artist at the SKAM school of performing arts and with us on other projects. Watch her work in Ellery Lamm’s newest play: The Fates! The play follows three girls (Inez, Lottie, and Nell) before the start of a new school year. They each arrive separately to a party at a lake cabin, with their own desires for a fresh start. When the girls are drawn to a dock on the lake and all witness something slightly mystical, eerie, and unexplainable, they begin to wonder if they have a real opportunity to each change one aspect of their pasts, and in turn alter their futures.

In anticipation of this play beginning to come to life with rehearsals this week, we asked Anna Marie some questions about her and what directing the show has been like so far:

Do you have any favourite plays? Which play has had the largest impact on you?

Some of my favourite plays are The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe, Indecent by Paula Vogel, What A Young Wife Ought To Know by Hannah Moscovitch, Carried Away On The Crest of A Wave by David Yee…truly I could go on and on. But those are a handful of plays I adore. 

Regarding plays that have impacted me I would say Betroffenheit with Kid Pivott and Electric Theatre Company. Betroffenheit is a riveting, tender-hearted exploration of loss, isolation and survival in the aftermath of a life-altering tragedy. Even if I had all the proper words to say how this piece was so impactful, I don’t know if I would do it justice. All I can say is it was such a privilege to be in the audience for the show. I watched it amazed at how when all the areas of theatre [design, direction, performance, and stage management] come together and work so cohesively, it truly creates magic.


What has been your favourite part of directing The Fates?

Honestly, just working with this badass cast & crew. They are all so in sync with each other and their trust for one another grows with each rehearsal. 


Have you ever had a director that has had a lasting impact on you?

Oof. I have had many. But one of them was Courtenay Dobbie who was the artistic director of Caravan Farm Theatre at the time and I had the privilege of being in the play Our Town by Thorton Wilder that she directed. I remember the first read through that she facilitated felt like magic and I felt like ‘Oh , I hope I can create that kind of magic in a rehearsal room someday.’ 


What are some of your favourite parts of The Fates that you are most excited to see come alive on the stage?

That’s for me to know… and for the audience to find out ***winky face