To our SKAM School of Performing Arts students, parents, and supporters:

We want to reassure you that we are complying with the new health regulations set out by the BC government yesterday (Thursday) and that our school remains a safe, healthy and nurturing place for students.

The province indicated new guidelines for activities like our classes will be developed over the next few days. We’ll be watching for those with our source being We promise to keep you updated.

According to Dr. Bonnie Henry, all our classes are permitted to run; they remain in the low-risk category as they are with a regular group of people, small in size and low in intensity.

The province yesterday announced mandatory mask rules for many indoor activities and retail spaces in B.C. Wearing masks is now REQUIRED for all students and staff when in the SKAM Satellite Studio. This has changed from before, where students had to wear a mask when entering the studio but were able to remove it once in their designated private bubble. We understand this might be difficult for some students and that there may be rare necessary exceptions to this rule. If you have any concerns, please give Matthew Payne, teacher and artistic and managing producer, a call at 250.386.7526 or email at

Since COVID started in March, we follow daily updates and have been going above and beyond the requirements for the health of our students, staff and community, who matter so much to us. This includes reducing our class sizes to 8 students max (even smaller than the recommended amount), purchasing air purifiers for the studio, and moving all our classes to a larger studio space. Almost all our staff work from home, and those who come in take every precaution to make it a healthy space and follow cleaning protocols.

We also want to remind parents that there are online class options for ages 9-12 and teens who feel more comfortable learning from home.

Many of our core staff are parents of students of our school; we want to assure other parents that we’ve created a safe space that we feel confident in sending our own children to.

This has been a difficult time for all of us, and as always, we are here for each other. Stay safe.