Christian Martin (he/him) started work on It’ll Come To Me by a lot of coaxing from Matthew Payne. He’d ask me if he had anything. He replied, “it’ll come to me”. Hence the title of the play. Over time and many changes later, here it is. This version is the director’s cut. It’s a fun version of the play. He’ll be playing himself in the play. His past credits include Zastrozzi starting here in Victoria, (twice, a year apart) and then performing in Philadelphia and New York;  Filthy Rich in Victoria; The Enemy in Victoria; Beat The Sunset in Victoria; Murder By The Book in Vancouver, this was his very first live performance way back in 1990.

   TheatreSKAM is excited to be producing It’ll Come to Me after five years in development. The play is a semi-autobiographical account of Christian’s time in New York, beginning when he says goodbye to his SKAM friends and moves into the city with a dream and a dollar. His story follows his attempt to make it in the Big Apple while navigating the spirals of addiction. The audience will meet dozens of characters that move in and out of Christian’s life and witness what it means to lose and regain hope.

     As the performances are approaching, we wanted to learn more about the playwright and protagonist Christian Martin. We got the opportunity to connect with him and ask him a few questions:

  • The play is semi-autobiographical and admittedly came about at the coaxing of the director Matthew Payne. Why did he want you to write this play so badly?

At first I did not know it was going to be a play. Matthew just kept asking questions about NYC. I’d answer the questions and he’d say write that down. It was later that I realized what was going on.

  • What does that point in your bio–“this is the fun version of the play,” mean?

I’m not sure WHAT the fun play version is.

  • Have you ever written and performed work about your own life before? Is there a considerable difference in performing as another character versus yourself?

No, this is the first time I have written a play and I think that playing yourself has some limitations to it. Whereas playing somebody else it’s like a clean slate, you get to your imagination and really let it rip.

  • Are there any aspects of the show or story you’re particularly excited to share with our audience?

Yeah, my experiences in NYC. Some are funny, some are really tragic.

  • What inspired you to incorporate jazz into the show? Do you have a personal connection with the genre and/or is it a particular piece of the atmosphere you’re creating?

Oh jazz has a special way of hitting you in the gut. It’s so ingrained into the whole feeling of memory and times. It is the perfect inspirational music for this particular piece. 40’s and 50’s jazz. It definitely creates the atmosphere I was hoping for.

    You can watch Christian Martin, along with our cast of actors and musicians, in It’ll Come to Me showing from November 20th to the 28th with performances at 4:30 on Sundays and 7:30 otherwise. You can purchase tickets here.