FAQ’s and Policies


COVID Safety Protocols

Theatre SKAM has a Communicable Disease Prevention Plan in place to ensure SKAMpede is a safe and fun experience for everyone involved. Our CDPP follows guidance from WorkSafe BC, Actsafe, PHO Orders, and pulls from other industry standards.

Key Measures:
-Theatre SKAM has altered the structure of the event so it runs 4 tours of 4 shows plus an installation, with each tour beginning at its own launch Point. Each tour will operate as a smaller individual event within the festival. 

The number of audience members per tour departure time is capped at 12
-Our wrap-up event, which is at Point Hope Shipyard, will be capped at 100 ticketed attendees and spread out over the shipyard’s north parking lot.
-Audiences will be provided with enough room to stand 2 meters/ 6 feet from one another’s groups. The designated place for audiences to stand is marked.
-Physical distancing of 2 metres/ 6 feet will be maintained between Workers and patrons whenever possible.
-All Workers will have masks that are to be worn when less than 2 metres/ 6 feet from Patrons and other Workers.
-Audience members are encouraged to bring and wear a mask as they wish.
-Sanitizing stations and washroom facilities are available at each launch point and at the Shipyard.
What's different about SKAMpede this year?

This year, SKAMpede is operating as five separately ticketed (Pay What You Can) events. There are four separate tours available, each with different shows, plus an after-party show with live music. All attendees must pre-book tickets separately for each tour they want to attend. You pick which tours you want to see at what time, you book your tickets, and then to see that tour, you go to the starting point mentioned on your ticket.

There will no longer be the main hub for check-in. Festival attendees must check-in at the location of the tour they have booked to see

There will also be an after-party following the festival each night at the Point Hope Shipyard. This is also a Pay What You Can ticketed event with live music and a bar with only non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase. Due to current restrictions, only 50 tickets will be available to attend this party each night, so book yours fast!

How long are the tours?

All pedestrian tours are around 60 minutes and cycling tours are around 55 minutes.

How do tours work?

Show up to the launch point indicated on your ticket (also on our website under the tour name) 5 minutes before your booked tour time. Tours will depart promptly at their scheduled time. Follow the map from show to show in sequential order with your group. Each tour has four different shows marked with a numbered signs.


How much are tour tickets?

In order to keep SKAMpede accessible for all, everyone is welcome to Pay What You Can at this year’s festival. We know this is a difficult time for many and keeping art accessible to all is important to us. SKAMpede is our major project of the year, so we ask that you pay what you can afford. The suggested ticket price for each tour this year is $10 per person or $20 per family. 

Can I purchase tickets for more than one tour?

Yes, you can purchase tickets to as many tours as you would like to see. We kindly ask that you do not book tours to hold a spot unless you are fairly certain you will attend that tour, as there is a limited capacity for each tour this year.

Refund Policy

All tour ticket sales are final. There are no refunds. If you find you are unable to use your tickets, please consider letting us know so we can offer the spots to someone else. As tour capacity is limited this year, your support in doing so is greatly appreciated.

Ticket Availability

Due to health and safety guidelines limiting operations this year, we have planned a festival with limited capacity.  The good news is, we have expanded our festival since 2020 with four available tours this year instead of just one, greatly increasing our number of tickets. Each tour runs every twenty minutes, with 12 tickets available per tour run. Please note that despite there being many tours, you MUST pre-book tickets for each tour. Tickets for each tour are sold separately.

While some safety guidelines may change leading up to SKAMpede, these changes will not result in increased venue capacity. We look forward to having a larger SKAMpede next summer.


Where can I park?

Parking information will be dependent on which tour you are seeing. More info coming soon.

Rain Policy

All SKAMpede performances will take place entirely outdoors, rain or shine. In the event of severe weather, we have implemented the following policies to ensure that we can operate safely and responsibly for all involved:

    • In the event of rain during the performance, every effort will be made to complete the show, even playing through light showers.
    • Theatre SKAM will only cancel performances if it is not possible to perform due to bad weather. Any cancellation of performances will be determined as close to show times as possible but not earlier than two hours before. Notice of cancellation will be posted to the SKAM Facebook page and the homepage of our website.
    • In the event we must stop or cancel SKAMpede tours before the start time, patrons will be contacted directly by the Festival Box Office and every effort will be made to try and move them onto another tour. If the Box Office is unable to accommodate an exchange, patrons will be offered an opportunity to donate their tickets back to the Festival, or if requested, receive a refund.
    • If a performance is stopped and cancelled due to weather during the tour, Theater SKAM will not be able to exchange or refund tickets.
Latecomer Policy

If you show up late to a tour, we will do our best to place you on a later tour. However, due to the time-specific nature of SKAMpede tours, we cannot promise there will be spots available on later tours. We ask that you please arrive on time.

Food and Drink

We encourage you to bring your own food/drink to SKAMpede festival. To keep you refreshed, there will be free water jugs available at each tour launch point.

The perfect snack to bring? The SKAMpede Pannier Picnic Pack from Caffe Fantastico! Located at 398 Harbour Road, Fantastico Bar-deli has created this charcuterie style pack that fits right into the Pannier on your bike. Preorder by 12PM Friday, July 16, and pick up either before or after your tour, Friday – Sunday. Order here.  

We will also be selling drinks and snacks for purchase at the Point Hope Shipyard Wrap Up, running 3-8 on Saturday and Sunday. Entrance to this event is by pre-booked tickets only.

Accessibility Information

All tours at our outdoor festival this summer are wheelchair accessible. A limited number of ASL Interpreted Tours are available on a first-come, first-served basis (see dates below). For more information about accessibility at SKAMpede and at our general productions, please visit our accessibility page or email Hannah at hannah@skam.ca.


Saturday, July 17th 2:20 PM Cecelia
Saturday, July 17th 4:30 PM Central
Sunday, July 18th, 2:20 PM Harbour
Sunday, July 18th, 4:30 PM Songhees

Can I use a camera or recording device during the show?
The shows appearing at SKAMpede are the artistic property of the artist. We ask that audiences refrain from taking pictures or recording audio or video during the performances. A photo at curtain call is acceptable, unless otherwise mentioned.
We’d love it if you take pictures or recordings of yourselves enjoying the festival and share those. Some performers will not mind posing for a photo afterward, but keep in mind the tours are tightly scheduled and the next audience is likely right behind you!
You can tag SKAM @theatreSKAM
Will there be bathrooms on site?

There will be portable toilets available at each of the launch points. Please see tour maps on the SKAMpede home page for their location.

Accessible washrooms (for more accessibility related enquiries, contact hannahb@skam.ca):

Cecelia Ravine Tour: There are no accessible washrooms on the Cecelia Ravine Tour.

Central Tour: There is one set of gendered, wheelchair accessible public washrooms on the Central Tour, between Site 1 and Site 2.

Songhees Tour: There is no accessible washroom on the Songhees Tour. There is an accessible washroom at the Shipyard Wrap Up nearby at 345 Harbour Road.

Harbour tour: There are 4 public washroom facilities along the Harbour tour route.