SKAMpede, SKAM’s free live performance annual summer festival, is less than a week away and officially all booked up! With all the planning that goes into a festival as big as this, a large part of being able to keep it free is due to the help of our generous sponsors.

Recently, we sat down with Chelsea, a Project Engineer at Point Hope Shipyard (one of our major sponsors), to talk SKAMpede and her experience as a sponsor attendee at the festival’s Friday Night Feast last year. A big thank you to Point Hope Shipyard for being one of our largest cash donors and for supporting us for 2 years. Point Hope is a great SKAM supporter and their generous donations help us bring free theatre to the Victoria community!

You attended SKAMpede in 2019. Was that your first time?

Chelsea: Yes it was my first time.

What do you remember most about it nearly one year later?

C: I remember how fun it was to bike ride between different shows – a great way to be outside in our beautiful city but partake in locally produced entertainment.  I also remembered how creative and unique each show was, but how many appeared to be following a theme.

Did you have a favourite show?

C: I very much enjoyed the couple, wearing funny masks [The Beauty Buskers], operating underneath the Johnson Street Bridge, who sang improvised songs based on contributions from the small crowd.  I laughed a lot and marvelled at their quick thinking.  I also enjoyed the puppet show [Over the Moon] just off the Songhees walkway.

What is your role at Point Hope Shipyard?

C: I am a Project Engineer.

How has COVID-19 and the pandemic altered your work at Point Hope Shipyard?

C: Ship repair is considered an essential service.  My main customer is BC Ferries, which operates an essential service. In short, I have been very busy.  I have been able to work from home since the vessels I am planning work for are not at the shipyard.  Supply chains have been affected which make it more difficult to get parts quickly, and service technicians from out of country are unable to attend the vessels, so it make for a lot of remote problem solving.

If you knew that this year’s festival was going to focus on 7 local companies and there was not going to be food or drink service, do you think you’d still attend?

C: I would still attend because I trust the creative minds involved.  I am very motivated by snacks so I do think the lack thereof is unfortunate.  However, it isn’t the worst of tragedies considering the current global situation.  Perhaps some local companies could come up with some to-go style snacks or party favours to fill the void and to keep energy levels up?  Unusual times call for unique ideas.

**Chelsea, you’re in luck! Our friends at Caffe Fantastico (a close walk from our festival hub) have put together a SKAMpede Picnic Pack. It’s like a charcuterie collection that rolls up and fits in your pannier. ORDER THAT HERE. Cut off for orders is Thursday, July 9 at 5pm.