SKAMpede, SKAM’s free live performance annual summer festival, happened last month, with hundreds of audience members enjoying the festival! With all the planning that goes into a festival as big as this, a large part of being able to keep it free is due to the help of our generous sponsors.

Recently, we chatted with Carly, the Community Manager at (one of our major sponsors and media sponsor), to talk about her SKAMpede expereince, how things have changed due to COVID. Thank you to for being one of our biggest donors and constant supporters for the past three years. is a great community resource and their generous donations help us to continue bring free theatre to the Victoria community!


You attended SKAMpede this year. Was it your first time?

Carly: No, has been a sponsor of Theatre SKAM for three years now supporting SKAMpede and I’ve been fortunate to attend for the past three years.

Did you have a favourite show?

Carly: As I’m part of the Marketing Department at, The Media Zoo definitely struck a cord and was very funny and entertaining. The actor did a great job describing the various “animals.”

What was it like seeing a live festival with physical distancing measures?

Carly: Honestly I didn’t find much difference than previous years except we had to pre-book our tour. SKAMpede is definitely a great example of how live performances can still be experienced locally during these strange times.

What is your role at

Carly: I’m the Community Manager at My role is to provide media support to local events and organizations in Victoria and up-island.

How has the pandemic altered your work at

Carly: Obviously due to the pandemic, there are less events happening in the community but we are continuing to support our partners in their various efforts either through fundraising campaigns or brand awareness by offering them media promotion, asking nothing in return. We feel the most important thing we can do during this difficult time is support our local community as we are also a local company. #supportlocal