During Participatory Budgeting, the City of Victoria opens up a voting process to let the public help decide how to invest $50,000 to support community projects that enhance neighbourhood spaces in Victoria. This year, SKAM is excited to have a project in the mix – and you can help us make this a reality by taking a few quick minutes to give us your vote.

SKAM’s Project: You Are Here Pop-Up Docs

What was here, on this spot where you are standing, before you were here? How far back do you want to go? 10 years ago? 50 years ago? 5,000?
You Are Here: Pop-Up Docs intends to answer these questions in a delightful and engaging format. The project includes a public call for stories and storytellers from the community. Combining live performers with short digital documentaries, shadow plays, and animated shorts, the project is intended to be viewed outdoors in the early evening, during the darker months of the year. Under sheltered viewing areas, audiences in small groups will meet, engage with one another and select from a menu, short screenings that answer: what used to be here?

Audiences can expect to see a one-minute animated short that features cartoon dinosaurs or an elder speaking to what preceded the arrival of white settlers, or a local resident who has a personal memory to share. These short digital projects are presented by a live host on screens mounted on SKAM’s Pop-Up Theatre.

With a very wide range of super short digital works, and an engaging host, audiences will learn to share the remote as they answer the question: what was here?


Vote for Pop-Up Docs

If you’d like to help us make this a reality, vote here >> https://engage.victoria.ca/pb
Every vote counts so please share with your friends! Voting launched October 19 and is open until November 19. The projects that will be funded will be announced in December.