Pop Up Theatre Home Delivery in Victoria is temporarily postponed!

Today we at Theatre SKAM want to express our support for public health measures that keep our communities safe. We support public health and the healthcare workers who are out there on the frontlines.

We’ve been proud of our (and our fellow arts community) ability to adapt to health restrictions to date. As far as is known, there have been zero COVID-19 transmissions in a theatre globally. Our recent Pop Up Theatre Home Delivery project has been incredibly low risk and allowed us to keep doing theatre.  We are so grateful for this.

However, we understand that now is not the time to gather, no matter how safe we’ve made our Pop Up Delivery to be. We are postponing the program temporarily, launching it back up when it is permitted to do so (potentially January).

Theatre has always been a vital part of a healthy community. We’re revitalized this year with all the positive feedback we’ve gotten from those who have ordered Pop-Up Theatre and the creativity that has come from our artists. We will always be ready to adapt to meet public health recommendations, even if that means putting things on hold.

We’ll continue to work on innovative ways to stay connected and bring you arts in the future as we continue to partner with our public health authorities.

We can’t wait to gather again to share stories and laughs. We’ll have more updates soon.  #SafeStages

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