The SKAM Young Company Next Generation of Theatre Creatives

The SKAM Young Company is for students ages 13+  who demonstrate a passion for theatre, commitment and ability to collaborate, and a desire to grow their theatre skills in a variety of areas.

This class builds upon the framework of past classes or drama experience, giving students the experience of creating, producing, and performing their own play together.

SYC participants have the unique opportunity to learn from core staff at SKAM and Professional Theatre Artists. They will learn how to create, write, produce, and market shows; all foundational skills for emerging theatre artists to have.

Past SKAM Young Company Shows


August 25 – Early September
SYC Presents

The Fates

Written by Ellery Rose Lamm
Directed by Anna Marie Anderson
Designed by Olivia Wheeler
Stage Manager: Riley Schaffner

“On the evening before the start of a new school year, Inez, Lottie, and Nell arrive separately to a party at a lake cabin, each with their own desires for a fresh start.

When the girls are drawn to a dock on the lake and all witness something slightly mystical, eerie and unexplainable, they begin to wonder if they have a real opportunity to each change one aspect of their pasts, and in turn alter their futures.

Over the course of the evening, we dive into the girls’ pasts, unearth the secrets they’re keeping, and come to realize that their lives aren’t what they appear to be on the surface.”

The Fates will be presented by SYC in August, 2021.
More information to come!

Poster for upcoming SYC Show “The Fates”, the poster depicts a dock extending into the water.
July 16-18
SYC Presents

End of Term

Written by Nicholas Guerreiro
Directed by Anna Marie Anderson
Designed by Olivia Wheeler
Stage Manager: Riley Schaffner

“In the year 2070, four young students stage a play set fifty years ago. By staging today’s problems reflected in the funhouse mirror of tomorrow, End of Term explores important questions about what it means to be good in an age of mass selfishness.”

End of Term was presented by SYC at the 2021 SKAMpede Festival – click below to find out more about the event!