On Wednesday evening we announced our wonderful HUB Artist line-up! It is as follows:

  • Bragi Theatre, “King of Soup”:
    • Cabbage. Beets. Dill. Love. These are the essential ingredients to a good pot of borscht. Unfortunately, for Sasha and Lauren, that love might be a bit more complicated to find. Sasha came to Canada from Ukraine twenty-five years ago, and one of the few things he was able to bring with him was the family borscht. Sasha had to change a lot to fit into his new country, but he was unprepared for his daughter Nikki  to marry another woman. And when his daughter’s wife Lauren invites herself along to “help” Sasha at his food stand, the tension is palpable. However, as both learn more about each other and the ways they care for Nikki, Sasha and Lauren find that they have more in common than they thought. Borscht is the soup that heals all wounds, and in this short play, it will begin to heal the rift between an immigrant parent and their child’s partner.
    • Bragi originally applied with this show for SKAMpede 2022, and it was exciting to see it submitted again. We’re hopeful that at the HUB there may be some preparation and sharing of Borscht.


  • Compagnie SHIFT SHAPE (Kathleen O’Riley), “ROVERS”:
    • The piece is a 60 minute all ages show that jumps locations from a jazz bar, to a train, to a mountain top and more! ROVERS is about two wandering mimes in an imaginary small town in France, who are on the run because they can’t pay their rent. They have to pack up and leave, but their unconventional lifestyle tends to get them into trouble with everyone on their path. Ro and Verr, a Laurel and Hardy-esque duo, take the audience on a comic journey of misunderstandings and missed connections as they try to cope in a world that rejects their existence as mimes.
    • Stay tuned for information on some exciting 2-day theatre camps and shorter workshops being offered by these artists!


  • Kunji Ikeda and Douglas Peerless, “Choice and Choiceability”


  • Donna Michelle St. Bernard and Cole Alvis, “Come Closer”


We are so excited for our 15th annual SKAMpede Festival and how to see you there. Tickets launch on June 15. For now, please RSVP on our Facebook event!