The Big Wail
Jayne Walling
Tour: Songhees

Show Description

Bertha, a fish from the ocean floor, is a sea cleaner. She eats all she sees. It runs in her family. But the food is changing and it’s changing the fish. A ten minute excerpt from a tragic-comic play about a fish from the bottom that rises to the top.

Jayne Walling (she/her)
Hanna Pyliotis (she/her)

About Jayne Walling

Jayne Walling is a Paris-trained actor and clown. She has worked with companies including Caravan Farm Theatre in BC and Theatre Smith-Gilmour in Toronto. While living in Paris over twelve years, she created several devised shows which toured Europe, collaborating with artists from diverse artistic and cultural backgrounds. This is her first co-creation with writer Hanna Pyliotis, whom she met while training with master clown Philippe Gaulier in France. She is thrilled to be making her Canadian re-debut with Skampede!

EmilyCase Prods
Tour: Songhees

Show Description

Curiosity the Mars Rover is on a mission to explore Gale Crater for signs of life. On the way, Curiosity chats with the stars about anything they can think of: other rovers, the mission they’ve been sent on, loneliness, and the constant pressure to save the whole human race.

Emily Case (she/her)- writer, actor, producer
Ian Case (he/him) – dramaturge
TJ Dawe (he/him) – coaching
Megan Phillips (she/her) – coaching

About EmilyCase Prods

Emily is a recent graduate of Studio58 at Langara College located on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam First Nation. She was been involved in the arts since she was a wee lass and is so excited to see theatre beginning to come back after the long break. This is her first self-written show, and she is so excited to share what she’s been working on, especially in her hometown. Thank you Theatre SKAM for giving all of us artists this wonderful opportunity.

Instagram: @emilymakehat

End of Term
SKAM Young Company
Tour: Songhees

Show Description

In the year 2070, four young students stage a play set fifty years ago. By staging today’s problems reflected in the funhouse mirror of tomorrow, End of Term explores important questions about what it means to be good in an age of mass selfishness.

Written by Nicholas Guerreiro
Directed by Anna Marie Anderson
Designed by Olivia Wheeler
Stage Manager: Riley Schaffner

About the SKAM Young Company (SYC)

Theatre SKAM’s very own SKAM Young Company was designed for students who demonstrate a higher theatre skill level, commitment and ability to collaborate, and a desire to act to have the opportunity to work alongside like-minded young artists!

Mother Tongue
Visible Bodies Collective
Tour: Songhees

Show Description

Mother Tongue encounters deep reflections of languages, bodies, and vibrations. Engaging the physical culture of our times, Global Indigenous women are pulsing onward in power and truth. Fragmentation returning back to the earth and sharing knowledge is on our hearts. We gather in radical performance circles, we reverberate together and make old languages sing again through our – Mother Tongue.


About Visible Bodies Collective (VBC)

Visible Bodies Collective (VBC) is centered in Indigenous worldview, social justice, somatic processing, and land-based relationships. Our creative process is held by a council of Global Indigenous women gathering stories and igniting the fire of truths to be embodied. We gather to heal mending past, present and future: weaving story, rhythm and our natural abilities to orate our experiences. We unite to explore theatre, dance, movement, and story-telling through our sacred bodies. Embracing the complexities of our Indigeneity our core value is creating safe space for wild womxn to research, create, and perform.

The Open Gate
Bottled Theatre
Tour: Harbour Downtown

Show Description

When prodigal son Thomas is summoned home for an important family reunion, he must confront the archway into Chinatown and do battle with a gatekeeping old 婆婆 (grandma) who believes he is her shot at redemptive parenting. Should he fail he’ll be left outside on a bench with nothing but a melancholy bottle of yogurt juice.

Lynnéa Chan, she/her, Actor “BO LEEN”
Justin Francis Lee, he/him, Playwright
Landon Wong, he/him, Actor “THOMAS”
Tianxu Zhao he/him, Director/Dramaturg

About Bottled Theatre

Bottled Theatre is a theatre project constructed by Lynnéa Chan, Justin Francis Lee, Landon Wong, & Tianxu Zhao. All coming from divergent versions of “Chinese-Canadian-ness”, the goal is to explore this pot of cultural-hybridity while supplying people with warm stories. This project is a spin-off from an original one-act play titled Ngaii Duk, first tested at the University of Victoria’s Phoenix Theatre under SATCo.

Instagram: @bottled_theatre

Molecular Landscape
Impulse Theatre
Tour: Harbour Downtown

Show Description

Let your atoms dance. Molecular Landscapes is a work of dance and theatre that asks us to carry our bodies back to ecosystems. It is a love story about the joy and magic of nature created in collaboration. It is a reminder of where we came from, and where we pour our attention.


Allison Brooks (she/her), performer
Amber Downie-Back (she/her), performer
Andrew Barrett (he/him), director/choreographer
Corina Fischer (she/they), costume designer
Julie Mombourquette (she/her), performer
Nicole Bartosinski (she/her), performer
Noah McKimm (he/him), performer
Sierra Megas (she/her), performer
About Impulse Theatre

Impulse Theatre has created over fifteen new highly visual and engaging works since 2010. The company has been presented by the Belfry’s Spark Festival, Upintheair’s rEvolver Theatre Festival, VideoFag, Intrepid’s Winterlab, UnoFest, and YOU Show series, Theatre SKAM’s SKAMpede (five times!), the Victoria and Vancouver Fringe Festivals, and the Firehall Arts Centre’s BC Buds Festival. 

Victoria, BC



Dancing Voices, Traveling Bodies
Vitor Freitas Dance
Tour: Harbour Downtown

Show Description

Dancing Voices, Traveling Bodies reflects how dance artists carry with them a knowledge of the body through borders and over geographies. 

Vitor Freitas (he/him): Choreographer/Performer
Elvis Eze (he/him): Performer
Tessa Charlesworth (she/her): Performer
Kathy Lang (she/her): Rehearsal Director / Choreographic Mentor

About Vitor Freitas Dance

Vitor Freitas is from Saquarema, Brazil. He studied contemporary, ballet, and ballroom dance styles, leading him to opportunities dancing for TV shows and in a Netflix movie. However, given the growing difficult situation in his home country, Vitor immigrated in 2019 to Canada (just before Covid-19 hit). Vitor is now a student at the Maple Leaf School of Russian Ballet. He has recently been supported by Suddenly Dance Theatre’s Fountain of Youth Program, and also won Dance Victoria’s recent ‘Let It Move You’ dance contest.

Instagram: @vitor_freitas_

GRASP    |   Extended Space Theatre Collective
Tour: Harbour Downtown

Show Description

GRASP is a spoken word and movement piece examining the theme of holding hands in public settings as members of the LGBTQ+ community. Three emerging queer artists reflect upon their memories of being visibly queer and explore how simple actions – even holding hands – can be a political act.

Emily Dehod – she/her
Sammy Radelfinger – he/him
Ella Daly – she/her

About Extended Space Theatre Collective

Extended Space Theatre Collective is a recently established theatre collective composed of three Canadian College of Performing Arts alumni, Sammy Radelfinger, Emily Dehod, and Ella Daly. Extended Space Theatre’s mission is to foster inclusion and create social change through movement and spoken word.

Instagram: @Extendedspacetheatre

In Orbit
Over the Moon Puppet Theatre
Tour: Central

Show Description

A tale of missed connection unfolds through fabric, puppetry, and physical theatre. A whimsical celebration of summer moments and star-crossed lovers. 

Sophie Underwood (she/her) – Creator and Performer
Rachel Myers (she/her) – Collaborator and Performer

About Over the Moon Puppet Theatre

Over the Moon Puppet Theatre was founded in 2018 by Sophie Underwood and Kiley Verbowski. As a duo, they have performed in libraries, schools, festivals, and private events. A sense of whimsy, magic, and fun is key to their original work. 

Sophie is so excited to be working with theatre artist Rachel Myers for this project! Both Sophie and Rachel are graduates of the University of Victoria Theatre program and have collaborated previously on Ernie and Bethy (Victoria Fringe 2018), and Hilda and Beatrice. They hope you enjoy In Orbit

Victoria, BC


Instagram: @overthemoonpuppets

SNAFU Dance Theatre
Tour: Central

Show Description

Atmosphere is a short and sweet piece of speculative fiction, a quick glance into an alternate reality, a small skip into the future. SNAFU Artists will collaborate in designing a “Possible Future” that responds directly to what is going on right now. This short performance will be heavily inspired by the space that we choose to perform. It will be wholly atmospheric with an emphasis on a design using recycled materials and obsolete technology. We will present an unexpected spectacle in an unusual space. Surreal, hand-crafted puppets that merge with the natural environment.

Carole Klemm(she/her)
Jeni Luther (she/her)
George (he/him)
Emmanuel (he/him)
Kathleen Greenfield (she/her/they/they)

– all participants are designers/performers.

About SNAFU Dance Theatre

SNAFU’s work invigorates people of all ages, creating dynamic spaces for young and old to experience art together under new terms. Led by Co-Artistic Directors Kathleen Greenfield and Ingrid Hansen, SNAFU creates unexpected spectacles in theatres, fields, heritage sites, parking garages, schools and prisons. SNAFU’s original shows Little Orange Man, Interstellar Elder, Kitt & Jane, and more have toured across North America and won awards such as The Playwright Theatre Centre’s NEW PLAY PRIZE and Victoria’s Critic’s Choice Awards.  

Reviews for Past SNAFU shows: ★★★★★“ABSOLUTELY GENIUS. Flawless comedic timing, dynamic physicality.”- New Ottawa Critics. “HILARIOUS. Absurd & profoundly human. ★★★★★”- Star Phoenix News.

Victoria, BC



The Search for the Great Black Salamander  |  Bragi Theatre
Tour: Central

Show Description

The Search for the Great Black Salamander follows cryptozoologist Mallory Sturgeon, whose quest for a fabled creature has alienated her from the love of her life, Stephanie. Convinced she has trapped a never-before-seen tadpole, she invites journalists to witness its debut. What she finds instead is even more magical.

Nicholas Guerreiro (he/him)
Annie Konstantinova (they/them)
Julie McGuire (she/her)

About Bragi Theatre

Named after the Norse god of Poetry, Bragi Theatre is committed to pathfinding theatre that dares to sail beyond the confines of genre. It produced the short plays ‘Rural Ravaillac’ and ‘Kid Viking’ for Theatre SKAM’s SKAMpede, ‘Bedsprings’ and ‘Last Pick Nick’ for Impulse Theatre’s PeekFest, and mounted O, Come All Ye Faithful on the 2017 Victoria Fringe. The current collective includes playwright/performer Nicholas Guerreiro, designer/director Annie Konstantinova, and performer/deviser Julie McGuire—all former University of Victoria students who decided to collaborate while working together in the 2019 Victoria Fringe Festival.

Instagram: @bragitheatre


Sideshow Carnies
Broad Theatrics
Tour: Central

Show Description

Step right up, townies and rubes! In the Great Depression of 1931, a few travelling Carnies have been left stranded – but will entertain while they wait. The Barker introduces each astonishing act: The Multilingual Elocutionist! The World’s Strongest Man! The Mesmerizing Mentalist! And the sultry Snake Lady! Not for the faint of heart!

Ian Ferguson (he/him) director, performer
Jag Gordaya (he/him) performer
Lynnette Kissoon (she/her) performer
Bill Nance (he/him) performer
Kirsten Van Ritzen (she/her) writer, performer

About Broad Theatrics

Broad Theatrics is perhaps best known in Victoria for creating eight seasons (155 unique episodes) of Sin City the Improvised Serial, garnering loyal audiences and critical acclaim since 2011. Artistic Directors Kirsten Van Ritzen and Ian Ferguson have also produced numerous plays, hundreds of comedy shows and special events such as ALL MY DAY JOBS, RADIOLAND ’48, GEEZ LOUISE, FUNNY WOMEN FESTIVAL and more. Sideshow Carnies is a scripted piece that introduces new characters; and is inspired by Sin City Season 2 Carnies which featured a large cast and ran for 30 spectacular episodes in 2011/2012.


Instagram: @broadtheatricsociety and @kirstenvanritzen

Twitter: @broadtheatrics and @mscomedydiva

Fantastic Fun Zone
Little Fish Productions
Tour: Cecelia Ravine

Show Description

Fantastic Fun Zone is a contemporary dance, physical theatre and musical performance that follows the story of two neighbours who meet and enter a circle made of colourful rope. They jump and twirl through a series of adventures, experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. The work is a quest for human connection and joy, derived from a time where physical distancing from others was a necessary reality.

Sophie Brassard (she/her) – performer and choreographer
Jenna Kraychy (she/her) – performer and choreographer
Nathan Marsh (he/him) – musician

Official show credits:
Choreography and Performance:
Jenna Kraychy & Sophie Brassard
Composition/Performance: Nathan Marsh
Costume Design & Outside Eye: Sasha Schaepe
We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. Fantastic Fun Zone was supported by Théâtre la Seizième through their Micro-résidences program. We’d like to thank Cory Haas, Jennifer Mascall and Julianne Chapple for their mentorship as well as New Works, Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre, the Cultch Theatre and Dani Fecko for their support.

About Little Fish Productions

Little Fish Productions’ interests lie in creating performances that are accessible and inviting for a variety of all-age audiences. Sophie Brassard and Jenna Kraychy have found a mutual passion for outdoor and site-responsive dance performances. Sometimes, they feel like two small fish, swimming in a big sea. They strive to plunge into work that supports and uplifts the communities in which they present. Believing that everyone can move and create, they feel that every drop in the sea can make a meaningful ripple. Fantastic Fun Zone is their first co-creation and is informed by their friendship and their desire for connection during a weird time. They are grateful to live and work as guests on the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and Sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh) territories.


A Distancia
Regina Ríos
Tour: Cecelia Ravine

Show Description

Can we ever see ourselves for who we truly are? What if we step away to see things from a distance? A Distancia is a one-woman show that explores identity as a Latina woman living away from home. Piñatas, nopales and Spanglish, what more could we ask for?

Regina Ríos (she/her) – performer/creator/playwright
Rose McTavish (she/her) – director/collaborator

About Regina Ríos

Born and raised in Mexico City, Regina Ríos moved to the traditional territory of the lək̓ʷəŋən People, colloquially known as Victoria to develop her artistry as an actor, singer, dancer, and creator. She was most recently mentored by Mercedes Bátiz-Benét as part of her conVERGE micro-residency with Puente and Intrepid Theatre, where she developed a one-woman show for SKAMpede. Regina seeks to create new work that pushes boundaries and speaks about her unique experience as a Mexican woman living in Canada. She is a CCPA alumna and she will graduate from Capilano University’s Bachelor of Performing Arts Program this fall.

Instagram: @regis_rios

The Great Ascent
Mystery Theatre Squad
Tour: Cecelia Ravine

Show Description

Two little mortals set out on an adventure: one hopes to save a life, the other just wants to pay his rent! Join these mountaineers as they tackle the big questions of Faith, Pharma, and The Sound of Music on their quest for divine intervention!

Arielle Parsons (she/her), director/writer
Ciarán Volke (he/him), performer
Emily Hay (she/her), performer
Sarah Hunsberger (she/her), performer

About Mystery Theatre Squad

The unfortunately named Mystery Theatre Squad was born out of a group of friends who thought they’d better bite the bullet and write a gosh-dang puppet show. In 2020, UVIC grads, Arielle, Ciarán, Emily, and Sarah, found themselves in the midst of a global-pandemic-that-shall-not-be-named without a much-needed creative outlet. They considered buying a sprawling mansion in Rockland and transforming it into a multi-use performance venue with an indoor water park but, accounting for their total lack of funds, they opted to apply for SKAMpede instead. They hope The Great Ascent makes you chuckle and consider immediately scaling the nearest mountain.

Look It Up
Finally Grand Productions
Tour: Cecelia Ravine

Show Description

Nearing the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, two ex-lovers return to their lives in Victoria. Justine is back from staying with family. Steph is back from prison. Equipped with masks, measuring tape, and a trash picking team of unsuspecting witnesses, Steph plans a meetup to say her final goodbyes. You can’t catch feelings from six feet away, right?

Lahna Lampson (she/her): Producer/designer and the character of Justine
Lauren Frost (she/her): Producer/writer and the character of Steph

For the full show experience, follow Steph and Justine on Instagram before the performance:

Character Instagram for Steph
Character Instagram for Justine

About Finally Grand Productions

Finally Grand Productions is a first-time collaboration between two long-time friends. Lahna Lampson (she/her) and Lauren Frost (she/her) met working as “watershed heroes” for an environmental non-profit in Cowichan Valley the summer before entering UVic’s theatre program together. Six years after performing water-saving inspired performances in the streets (in bedazzled superhero costumes, of course), the two are still passionate about the power of theatre for social change. After a year of COVID lockdown, the two artists are excited to re-enter the world of theatre with Look it Up, a piece that explores how the ordinary heartbreak manifests in extraordinary times.

Yarrow Collective

Show Description

POLLINATORS is a participatory gardening installation series that playfully invites urban humans to build an ecosystem: participate in seed selection, decide where to plant, learn to weather disruption, and ensure plants thrive through acts of caretaking. Shaped by those who tend them, our four gardens can be found on each SKAMpede tour:

SEEDING GARDEN: COASTAL EDGE (Songhees Tour) How do we seed our future?
DISRUPTION GARDEN: INVASIVE PLANTS (Central Tour) When can disruption make space for change?
PLANTING: DOUG FIR FOREST (Cecilia Ravine Tour) Who is at home here?
CARETAKING: GARY OAK MEADOW (Downtown Tour) What does stewardship mean to you?

Find out more on their site.

Created by Yarrow Collective
Lead Gardener and Co-Producer: Sammie Gough (she/her)
Co-Producer and Dramaturg: Laurel Green (she/her)
Certified Bee Steward and Lead Gardener: Myriam Parent (she/they)
Installation and Textile Artist: Emma-Sky Warner-Dilts (she/her)
Scenic Designer and Illustrator: Sophie Fuldauer (she/her)
Hych’ka Siem to artist Johnny Aitken

About Yarrow Collective

Yarrow Collective is a collaboration between professional artists, performance activists, backyard gardeners, and a certified bee steward. In learning to be good visitors on this land, we seek to disrupt colonial assumptions around what ‘gardening’ is and imagine what it can be. This summer, we led Pop Up Pollinators Parties at Fernwood Mural Festival and Play Streets. We are partnering with local community groups who will steward future pollinator gardens to create thriving bee habitats. Plants from our public installations will find homes at a regeneration site on Mayne Island, the Camosun Street Commons, and the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Society Welcome Gardens Program.

Instagram: @yarrowcollective_




The Lekwungen Traditional Dancers originally started over 40 years ago under the guidance of Late Ray Peter from the Cowichan tribe. Over time the group was continued and carried on by Dell aka Momma and her late husband Jim Dick. The group has been going strong for about 5 years now and performing for all levels of government, schools, festivals, private events and parades.

They take pride in carrying on the treasure which was taught to them and in sharing a little bit of their culture while representing their Songhees Nation.


We are a group of Victoria-based circus artists that come from a variety of backgrounds and are united by our common love for aerial acrobatics. We have performed internationally as well as locally, and collectively have over 20 years of performing experience. From performing with Cirque du Soleil to teaching at a local studio ( Island Circus Space), we are invested in growing the local circus and performing arts community.

We are also keen to support and connect with other performing arts groups on Vancouver Island. We are excited to share our love of the circus arts with our community and are hoping to help inspire others to take interest in the circus and performing arts in Victoria.

Impulse Response Band

Impulse Response is Victoria’s funkiest soul, pop band. Fronted by vocalist Shanna Dance and vocalist/keyboardist Alexander Ferguson, their punchy grooves are infused with sweet harmonies. They also put their spin on songs from artists such as Bill Withers, Joss Stone, John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, and Ray Charles. This group has been delighting audiences across the island and beyond with their unique soulful sound including performing at the TD International Victoria Jazz Festival and opening for St. Paul and The Broken Bones at the Royal Theatre.

Alexander Ferguson 
Shanna Dance
Damian Graham
Tyler Lieb

 Brooke Maxwell

Brooke Maxwell is a musician, arranger, composer, educator, sound designer, and home studio nerd based in Victoria, BC.  In 2004, he saw his first Fringe festival and connected with Victoria’s theatre community and Atomic Vaudeville. Eventually, this led to the co-creation of the international hit musical, Ride the Cyclone, recently enjoying its success in various theatres in the USA. (Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Chicago (2016), MCC Theatre, Off-Broadway (2017), ACT Theatre, Seattle (2018), Alliance Theatre, Atlanta (2019).
Working as a freelance musician around Victoria, Brooke has most recently been arranging for and conducting choirs [the Pandora Chorus, the Spiral Choir-al]. He also runs the family-centred dance experience The Neighbourhood Hootenanny Time Machine, acts as the MD at Esquimalt United, plays at Pagliacci’s and other gigs.  Another recent project has been The Beautiful Maladies, a 5 piece band of great musicians, celebrating the music of Tom Waits.

Brooke will be performing at SKAMpede as a band with:

Brooke – Piano/Vox
Al Pease – Sax/Clarinet
Matt Pease – Drums
Ross MacDonald – Bass