SKAM School of Performing Arts offers both after-school and online performance classes for teens. Our exciting class options develop skills in directing, scriptwriting, acting, stagecraft, improv, set design and more!

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Scene Study

January 21  – March 11 (8 classes)  |  Thursdays 6:30 pm – 8 pm
Teacher: Monica Ogden
Price: $312 $281 until Dec. 18!

From She-Ra to Hamilton to Umbrella Academy, the media we consume is everywhere. Join Monica Ogden online as we delve into iconic theatre, TV, and movie scenes. What makes these shows or plays memorable? Why do we love the characters? Monica teaches the foundations for actors through studying character motivation, how to do intensive actor script work, and how to highlight and play the tensions of the scene. This class is good for anyone interested in acting, directing, writing & is available for students across Canada!


Improv for Teens

January 11  – March 8 (8 classes)  |  Mondays 6 pm – 7 pm
**Holiday February 15
Teacher: Monica Ogden
Price: $208 $187 until Dec. 18!

Can’t leave the house right now? Join Monica online for an accessible hour of storytelling, games, fake movie pitches and more! If you’re looking for a creative space to laugh, share stories, make friends, and have fun, this online class is for you.

Monica Ogden is a teaching artist, theatre/film actor, improvisor, workshop coach and Youtuber who has won awards for her story-telling. This class is open to anyone across Canada!




January 19  – March 9 (8 classes  |  Tuesdays 6 pm – 7:30 pm
Teachers: Logan Swain & Carolyn Moon
Price: $312 $281 until Dec. 18!
SKAM Satellite Studio – 849 Fort St.

For the makers who may not want to perform on stage and performers who just can’t get enough Theatre! Stagecraft is a chance to explore the behind-the-scenes world of theatre. Class members will build a fully equipped puppet theatre, exploring elements of set design and construction, lighting design and technology, puppet building, scenic painting, costume design, and all other elements of creating a show in miniature scale.

Too young for this class? Please check in with and we will discuss stagecraft opportunities for Ages 9 to 11.


Improv For Teens

January 11 – March 8 (8 classes)  |  Mondays 6 pm – 7:30 pm
**Holiday Feb. 15
Teacher: Liz Colangelo
Price: $312 $281 until Dec. 18!
SKAM Satellite Studio – 849 Fort St.

Focus on short form, long form, and duo styles of improvisation. Building upon knowledge and practice of the basics of improvisation (‘yes and’, character creation, tasking, story) and learning professional skills in the art form of improvisational theatre.



Collaborative Theatre: Playwriting & Directing

January 21  –  March 11 (8 classes)  |  Thursdays 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Teacher: Anna Marie Anderson
Price: $416 $374 until Dec. 18!
SKAM Satellite Studio – 849 Fort St.

This class provides an in-depth immersion into scene study and theatre creation, taught by the director who brought you Fringe hits “Summer Bucket List” and “The Fitting Room.” Flex your creative writing and director muscles and learn how to navigate scene structure and character intentions and obstacles. Come prepared to create relevant theatre and work with a creative collective. Elements of this collaborative theatre class will involve writing, improv, acting, direction, design, and production.

This class has the ability to shape itself to the individual interests and needs of the students, whether that be a role on stage or off. Attendance, dedication, and a focused work-ethic is extremely important.


SKAM Young Company
SKAM Young Company is by application only, for students who demonstrate a higher theatre skill level, commitment and ability to collaborate. This class builds upon the framework of past classes and gives students an experience to work and perform in a professional setting. Together, the group will create and perform a short ensemble performance for a live audience at the end of the term.


Registration Tips

To register via e-transfer or cheque, email, call the SKAM hotline 250.386.7526 or School Cell 250.532.7766.

Using a distanced learning company like Self Design or Oak and Orca?  Please call Kate at 250.386.7526 to register without payment.

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