Studio Policies


Theatre SKAM requires all our staff to be fully vaccinated and recommend that all children aged 5 to 12 have at least one dose of the vaccine and that everyone 12+ have at least two doses of the vaccine. Also, as per the BC CDC guidelines, we require everyone wear a three-layer non-medical mask.

See our Communicable Disease Policy here.

Play Safe

(Updated April 1, 2022)

SKAM School of Performing Arts continues! We rebuilt our organizational capacity to normal levels as per provincial guidelines and we continue to provide safe options for in-person classes and camps. In our classes and camps we work with a vulnerable population, children and their safety remains our number one priority.

Theatre SKAM has a mandatory vaccination policy, requiring all our staff, employees, artists and contractors to be vaccinated. We expect most participants will be pleased to know their instructor is vaccinated against COVID-19.

This mandatory vaccination policy currently does not extend to children and youth participants in our school activities. We recommend that all participants aged 5 to 12 have at least one dose of the vaccine and that everyone 12+ have at least two doses of the vaccine. Vaccines are safe and effective.

(The Public Health Agency of Canada credits vaccines as saving more lives in the past 50 years than any other health intervention.

As per the BC CDC guidelines, we require that everyone inside the SKAM Satellite Studio wears a three-layer non-medical mask. 

This policy came into effect on March 2022 and will be updated again as needed.

We continue to have a ton of fun. We also continue to Play Safe.

If you have any concerns about this policy, please reach out to me. I can be reached at 250-386-7526.

Thank you,
Matthew Payne



Payment for classes/camps is due upon registration. Registration is not guaranteed until payment has been received. To pay by credit card, register through our website. For all other payment methods please email  [email protected] to set up a registration phone call.

All applicable taxes are included in our prices.

All NSF cheques returned by the bank will be subject to a $20 fee. Please make all cheques payable to Theatre SKAM
and mail full payment to: PO Box 8563, Victoria BC, V8W 3S2.

New students joining throughout the year are welcome to drop in for their first class, for which they will be charged. After the first class, a commitment will be required to continue.


We reserve the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrolment. In the event of a cancellation, full refunds will be provided.



Students are able to register for courses up to three classes after start date.


Students must be registered in the classes that correspond with their age. Sometimes a student may go into an older or younger group if their emotional and physical maturity fits in with that group. This will be at the discretion of the instructor and administrator.



Refunds will be made for withdrawal up to the second class only. A $25 administration fee is charged on all refunds plus a percentage for each class taken.

Cancellations less than seven days prior to the start of classes will be subject to a $25 non-refundable charge. Refunds will be made for withdrawal up to the second class only. A $25 administration fee is charged on all refunds plus a percentage for each class taken.

Cancellations after the second class have commenced will be refunded only when due to illness or injury and will be subject to provision of a doctor’s letter. No refunds will be issued for students who quit for other reasons.

Transfer to a different class in the same term: No charge.


In excess of 1 week in advance of the camp, a full refund will be issued, subject to a $25 cancellation fee. Less than 1 week in advance of the camp, a 50% refund will be issued. After camps have started, no refunds will be given unless a medical note is provided.


SKAM School of the Performing Arts and our instructors are not responsible for students before and after class time. A $10 fee is charged for all late pick–ups. Please note early drop–offs are not permitted.


Please call or email your teacher in advance if your child will be absent from a class. Absenteeism can be very disruptive, so please ensure your child does not miss more than two classes. We respectfully request that you do not send your child to class if he or she will be more than 15 minutes late.


For the comfort of our students and instructors, parents are not permitted to observe classes.


Due to Covid-19 we will now be videotaping all final performances to share with parents on a private Youtube link. 



• Flexibility (in voice, body, mind, attitude)
• Self motivation and responsibility
• Supportiveness (towards others and self)
• Imagination and playfulness
• Concentration
• Courage
• Being an attentive audience member


SKAM School of Performing Arts has ZERO tolerance for bullying of any kind. Such behaviour can result in the automatic cancellation of a registration. If there are some minor behavioural issues, the hope is that the teacher, parent and child will be able to negotiate a win/win agreement so that all can be successful in a class situation. Communication between all parties is essential.