Call for Community Creators. Want to be apart of our upcoming show Labyrinth?

We are having two maker parties! Come to 655 Tyee Rd. on April 28th 6:30-8:30pm and May 1st 2pm-5pm to help make components for the show! Please RVSP to [email protected] to come.

Welcome to the team. We’re so glad you decided to help make Labyrinth with us. Indeed, this show will not get made without your help.

This webpage is doing its best to keep up with the thriving creativity that is driving this production, and is therefore updated regularly. Please check back often for new activities.

To recap:

Labyrinth is a sprawling follow-the-path show through an 18,000 square-foot space in Vic West. (Thanks Reliance Properties!). The show’s narrative is written on the walls* and each audience member travels solo through the space, taking in the story and the sights along the way. The show ends in a big outdoor hangout space on a patio overlooking the Gorge Waterway.

We seek your help to make the show as big and wild as can be.

Choose from the following list. Complete as few or as many of these as you can:

Write us with:

      • Your first childhood memory condensed to three words. (e.g. Neptune grasscutter tears OR Falling down stairs OR Lil’ feet protruding)
      • A thing you think you’ve done for the last time (e.g. Last downhill ski)
      • A first time you remember fondly (e.g. First bike ride OR First kiss OR First bite of a peach)

We don’t need to know the whole story. We just seek the three-word version of your first childhood memory, and/or the very short version of your first and/or last.

Make with us:

We’re looking for about 20 of our audience to make, build and craft a whole lot of simple little bits. When we put these bits together they will make giant sculptures and art pieces. You can do this work at home alone and then drop off the art pieces, or you can come to one of our regular hangouts and work alongside others.

    1. Print this template (link here) on an 11 by 17 inch piece of paper. Trace it on cardboard. Repeat as many times as you can stand to. How about you make 12? Could you do 20?

To make in person, email [email protected]

Collect with us:

We’re looking for about 20 of our audience to forage, save and collect items for us. These are common things you might normally discard or recycle. No, you don’t get to pick the things. The designer, Catherine, does. (This piece is guided by professionals, built with community.) No, you don’t get the things back. We’re turning them into big art pieces and we’ll keep the art pieces to possibly remount the show at a later date. Strikethroughs indicate we have enough of the item.

      1. CD’s. We need about 200.
      2. 16 sports balls, 5- and 6-inch small light balls, not styrofoam.
      3. As many stuffies as possible (This includes big ones!)  
      4. Cloth diapers, kids clothes- toddlers, babies.
      5. Discarded toys, can be broken. 
      6. Big heap of teenage clothes.
      7. Kids clothes, toddlers.
      8. 200 white, plastic hangers, no black. 
      9. Many disused electronic devices.
      10. 4 pairs of white sneakers (dirty okay)
      11. 3 broken or nice skateboards
      12. Cassette tapes (10 to 20) 
      13. 200 pairs of yellow laundry gloves (torn or with holes is okay) 
      14. Hula hoops (many!) 
      15. Many plastic slinkies, all sizes (broken is okay) 
      16. Volunteers!
      17. More requests to follow. Check back soon, please!

*The narrative is written on the walls. If this impedes your ability to enjoy the show, let us know and we’ll have a guide walk through with you and read the narration to you. The guide can also describe the show to you, if you wish.

Labyrinth will show from May 11th to 22nd at 655 Tyee Rd.

Created by Ashley Chodat, Catherine Hahn, Jessica Hickman, Matthew Payne, and Nicholas Timmenga (and more names to come…)