Theatre SKAM is opening a 5,000 sq foot performing arts coworking space. Are you in?

A grey building with cherry blossoms in front of it.

With big thanks to our current landlord, PARC Retirement Living, we have acquired space at 846 Broughton Street, where we will host a two-story facility with studios, office spaces and hot desks. Office spaces are available to rent to like-minded indie arts companies. Studios and hot desks are available for hourly rentals so the arts community can utilize this new space.

Our desire is also to provide rental space in-kind or at a reduced cost to people for whom money is an access barrier as much as possible. Below, if you look at the incentive levels for donating, you will notice that we are already trying to implement this through our Get-Rich-Quick donor levels and up in which people can receive rental time as an incentive and are able to donate that time to an artist in need.

Every year, we contribute to the community through our annual summer performance festival, SKAMpede, Pop-Up Home Delivery Theatre, traditional stage plays, and more.  Community is at the heart of Theatre SKAM. In acquiring this new space, we hope our impact on the Greater Victoria arts community will continue to grow.  We need your support to make this goal a reality. We are launching an ambitious campaign to raise $25,000. Spoiler alert: We’re practically halfway there!


This money will go towards acquiring necessary things like permit acquisition and initial site visits by contractors as well as furnishings. At our current Satellite Studio, our tables and desks are on their last legs. We will need to replace those as well as add things like adjustable desks to make the offices accessible for wheelchair users.

This space is also a big step forward for those of us who work for Theatre SKAM. Currently, most of the team works from home as our Satellite Studio has only a single office for two people (one person during COVID-19). By expanding our space, we can also provide greater stability and a better foundation for our employees.

Each and every donation is crucial to our success. And every donation goes twice as far. A donor, Andrew Beckerman, has generously agreed to match your donations up to a total amount of $12,500. Basic math refresher: Your $100 donation becomes $200. Your G becomes 2 G’s. Your $10,000 means this thing is over right now.

To sweeten the deal, we’ve added numerous incentives for donations above $20! For incentives which include rental time, you can gift your rental time to others.

Please consider changing the game for small and medium sized arts companies in Victoria.

What do you say? Are you in?


the inside of 846. It is totally stripped bare.
Thermometer for fundraising that's up to 16k raised.


Phishing - $20+

$20 is the minimum donation to qualify for a tax receipt. For a donation of $20 and above you receive a virtual tour of 846 Broughton and your name on our digital Donor Wall.

Spearing - $100+

For donations of $100 and above you receive an in-person tour of the space and your name in the SKAMpede 2022 program.

Dropped Wallet - $250+

For donations of $250 and above you receive the above incentives and an invite to a t-shirt printing party with our new heat press.

Ponzi - $500+

For donations of $500 and above you receive an in-person tour, an invite to the t-shirt printing party, and name on our physical donor wall which will be literal wall (of cardboard bricks) that will be a fixture in our new building.

Get-Rich-Quick - $750+

For donations of $750+ you receive the above incentives and 3 hours of rental time in our new studio.

Bank Robbery - $1000+

For donations of $1000+ you receive the above incentives with rental time for a whole day rather than just 3 hours!

Highway Robbery - $5000+

For donations of $5000+ you receive the above incentives (physical donor wall, t-shirt, and a tour) and three days of rental time.

Kingpin - Donation of $25,000

End this thing right now. Match our Matching Donor Andrew Beckerman and we’ll let you print everyone’s t-shirts at the t-shirt party! We’ll make you our matching donor for phase two of the campaign. Receive tickets for life, our undying gratitude, and the satisfaction of starting a legacy arts project.

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