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Going All the Way

Mature Content – 16+
Runtime: 55 minutes
Showing at the Satellite Studio (849 Fort St.) July 27-29.
Showing at Lantern Community Church (1401 10 Ave. SE) August 5-7, 10-12.

Creative Team & Crew (July 2023)
Created and Directed by Hannah Mariko Bell (She/Her)
Written by Sophie Underwood (She/Her) and Kiley Verbowski (She/Her)
Developed by Hannah Mariko Bell (She/Her), Dr. Leah Tidey (She/Her), Sophie Underwood (She/Her), and Kiley Verbowski (She/Her)
Sexual Education Consulation by Dr. Leah Tidey (She/Her)

Set Design by Logan Swain (He/Him)
Costume Design by Lynnéa Chan (She/Her)
Lighting and Sound Design by Miriam Dumitra (They/He/She)
Puppet Design by Hannah Mariko Bell (She/Her)
Puppet Design Consulation by Tim Gosley (He/Him)
Puppet Construction/Props by Christian Tervo (He/Him)
Puppet Construction Assistance by Sasha Lazin (She/Her) and Faith Robinson (She/Her)

Stage Management by Megan Farrell (She/Her)

Ty Wesley (They/Them) as Avery
Loreto Espinoza (She/Her) as Beatrice

Music by Koi Discovery and audionautiX.com

Play Description

Best friends Avery and Beatrice have spent their whole university degree creating off-the-wall performances, but their final project is outside of everyone’s comfort zone: teaching sex-ed to middle-schoolers through puppetry. The show takes a turn for the bizarre when years of resentment and confusion bubble up, leaving the two of them hashing out their issues with sex, love, and identity in front of an increasingly restless audience.

Going All the Way Victoria Poster

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

Going All the Way Calgary Poster

Going All the Way will be at the Calgary 2023 Fringe!


Sat Aug 5 at 2 p.m.
Sun Aug 6 at 6 p.m.
Mon Aug 7 at 4 p.m.
Thurs Aug 10 at 8 p.m.
Fri Aug 11 at 6 p.m.
Sat Aug 12 at 6 p.m.


$20 including a $5 fee for non-members and $15 for Fringe Members)


Headshot of Ty

Ty Wesley (They/Them) as Avery

Ty Wesley has dabbled in all aspects of theatre. They most recently performed as the antagonist Matilde in ‘Gender Sucks!’ a play they wrote and helped produce for Nanaimo Fringe 2020, and as ensemble in Slugfest, a musical about a down-on-its-luck fishing town. They’ve been a writer, a director, a props master, costume designer, but they have continually returned to the spotlight.

In addition to their passion for theatre, Ty has also had a lifelong fascination with puppetry! Their hometown didn’t have an arts and crafts store, so they relied on their imagination and the Girl Guides. In their adolescence they used sock and paper bag puppets to teach younger children kindness, responsibility, and relationship-building skills. When they heard about the role, they knew it was perfect for them. Ty is so excited for the opportunity to work with so many puppets!

Headshot of Loreto

Loreto Espinoza (She/Her) as Beatrice

This Chilean has been living in Canada for a year now. After working as a Flight Attendant, she studied theatre at the prestigious Fernando Gonzalez Mardones Acting Academy. For the following 4 years she worked as an actor in different Chilean companies, including touring and two shows with Pequeño Municipal from Municipal de Santiago, the renowned Chilean Opera House. The majority of her work in her country has been in theatre for young audiences and commercials. Here, she has been lucky enough to perform with companies such as Atomic Vaudeville, Story Theatre, Impulse Theatre, Puente Theatre and Theatre SKAM! Loreto absolutely loves crafts, she recently worked as Props Coordinator for the GVSF production of As You Like It, and for conVerge residency holder Niah Davis’s play Gorgó where she also performed. Recently, she finished shooting some video clips with classical music duo Gay4Nature for a video album of their rendition to “Ariettes oubliées” by Claude Debussy which debuted during this year’s Pride. Loreto is thrilled and grateful to be back to play Beatrice in Going All The Way, as she feels it’s such a heartwarming, brilliantly funny and sensitive show, and she is very excited to learn more about puppetry with Hannah!

Creative Team & Crew

Hannah Mariko Bell (She/Her) – Creator, Director, Puppet Designer

Hannah is a pansexual, fourth generation Japanese Canadian. She is a graduate of the University of Victoria’s theatre program (BFA with Distinction, 2019) where she took a comprehensive approach to her theatre education. Her first production, Kansha, was produced as a part of Intrepid Theatre’s YOU Show 2018-2019 season with support from the Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society and the National Association of Japanese Canadians Young Leader Fund. Hannah’s goal as a theatre practitioner is to engage different communities through positive representations of Japanese culture, as well as challenge audience perspectives through a variety of theatrical practices. Hannah is a member of UNIMA West and a member of the National Association of Japanese Canadians Young Leaders Committee. Hannah is currently working on a shadow puppet adaptation of Momotarō.  

Sophie Underwood (She/Her) – Co-Writer

Sophie is a writer, puppeteer, and actor from the unceded territory of the Songhees, Esquimalt, and W̱SÁNEĆ First Nations. She has written for both stage and screen, with works produced by the Belfry Sparkfest, the Victoria Fringe Festival, the Student Alternative Theatre Company, and Less Bland Productions. She was part of the writing team for The Great Salish Heist, a feature film currently in production with Less Bland Productions. Sophie has been lucky enough to perform as a puppeteer and actor in local shows and short films, and has trained with Kaleidoscope, the Phoenix Theatre, and the Banff Puppet Theatre Intensive. Sophie is currently in London, England trying to find someone to hire her as a puppeteer, while continuing to collaborate with Kiley Verbowski on a new work for the Belfry Incubator Project and the ongoing operation of Over the Moon Puppet Theatre.

Headshot of Kiley

Kiley Verbowski (She/Her) – Co-Writer

Kiley is a writer, reader, and puppeteer, playing on the unceded territories of the Songhees, Esquimalt, and W̱SÁNEĆ First Nations. She co-owns Over the Moon Puppet Theatre with Sophie Underwood, which develops and performs short puppet plays for kids, and some experimental video works. She also writes journalism, memoir, and the occasional haiku in between driving shifts for BC Transit. She is grateful to have multiple theatre projects in development this year, including a puppet show that explores long-distance friendship through the Belfry Theatre’s New Incubator Project.

Dr. Leah Tidey (She/Her) – Sexual Health Expert

Leah is a sexual health educator that utilizes her theatre training to create engaging workshops and online content for people of all ages. She is also the host of The Love Doctor podcast where she shares research-informed advice about sexuality. Currently, Leah is a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Public Health and Social Policy at the University of Victoria. She completed her PhD in Applied Theatre at the University of Victoria where she worked with older adults and youth creating a theatre performance about sexuality across the lifespan. Her research expertise is focused on knowledge mobilization and community arts-based practices to address sexual health.

logan headshot

Logan Swain (He/Him) – Set Designer

Logan is a storyteller with a burning desire to make a difference in the world by telling stories that value truth and honesty while remaining playfully curious. Specializing in Theatrical Production & Design and the creation of new work, he is passionate about bringing live performance to the stage while helping the work of his fellow artists reach its highest artistic potential. Logan is an avid outdoorsman with Métis heritage and believes the best stories come from our lived experiences. He draws inspiration from time spent in nature and reflecting on his family’s past, present, and future.


Lynnea Headshot

Lynnéa Chan (She/Her) – Costume Designer

Lynnéa Chan (she/her) is a queer Chinese-Canadian theatre artist, and graduate of the University of Victoria. She strives to create casually diverse stories that are both loving and provocative. Lynnéa is fond of all elements of theatre craft, and interested in the unique storytelling merits of each medium. This is her first production as costume designer, and she is eager to see this iteration of the show come to life; she’s immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful creative team! Previous fashion/costume work includes Crimes of the Heart (Phoenix Theatre), and Fashion Machine (Theatre SKAM). Lynnéa spends her spare time baking, bookbinding, making music, doing needlecraft, and rotating her ever-changing wheel of hobbies.


Headshot of Miriam Dumitra

Miriam Dumitra (They/He) – Lighting and Sound Designer

Miriam Dumitra is a queer theatre practitioner, writer, and blacksmith. They recently received their BFA in theatre from the University of Victoria and are passionate about showcasing themes such as climate change, queer joy, and intersectional feminism. His lighting designs include The Value of Gold (Theatre Royal), The Waste Land (Phoenix Theatre), and A Kind of Apocalypse (SATCo). Their most recent sound designs include Light Rapid Transit (Coffeehouse Theatre), Homecoming (Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria), and Dead Man’s Cell Phone (Phoenix Theatre). In his (copious) amounts of spare time, find him writing plays about lesbian archivists, gender euphoria, and reincarnation corporations.

Headshot of Christian Turvo

Christian Tervo (He/Him) – Puppet Construction/Props

Christian is a recent University of Victoria graduate from their department of
Theatre with a career focus in Props, with hopes to becoming a props master
in the theatre industry. His theatrical focus also extends into scenic carpentry,
scenic painting, and puppet fabrication.


Headshot of Megan Farrell

Megan Farrell (She/Her) – Stage Manager

Hey! My name’s Megan, and I’m the Stage Manager for Going All the Way (but that’s just above so you know that already!) Come the fall, I’ll be heading into my fourth year at the University of Victoria, working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Production and Management. So far, the top three shows I’ve worked on are Stage Craft’s Closet Freaks, SATCO’s Archive of Our Unknown, and the Pheonix Theatre’s Spring Awakening. Big thanks to Theatre SKAM, and the cast & crew of Going All The Way. Enjoy the show!


A big thank you to Tim Gosley for aiding in the puppet building!


Questions? Contact Janine at janine@skam.ca!