SKAM’s fan-favourite show returns in a whole new way!

We are looking for 12 kids living in Victoria, ages 9-13, to participate in a new camp-style version of our international hit Fashion Machine! Over Spring Break, these kids will bustle through the ins-and-outs of fashion design. By the end, they’ll have remade a stranger’s outfit to present to an audience! 

Taking place online with professional artists in theatre, clothing manufacturing and design, this camp will encourage play and developing the skills required to remake existing outfits into unique creations. No previous experience is necessary.

Children will “meet” their model and muse via a box delivered to them that includes their information, an outfit to be remade, and all the sewing tools the participant needs. (If you do not own a sewing machine, we will provide one). They will then remake their model’s outfit.

Completed outfits will be delivered to the model by SKAM, who will show off their new get-ups. The whole experience will be compiled into a video SKAM will share as an online public event. The finished “show” will be about 15 minutes long.

Camp Schedule:

Monday March 15 –  Friday  March 19
9:30  –  11:00 am  – games and training activities with professional artists
11:00 – noon  – offline activity/workshop time with an artist on Zoom call to help as needed
noon – 1:00 pm – scheduled lunch offline
1:00 – 2:00 pm – workshops, instruction, feedback and presentations

Camp Cost:
$200  – one child
$300 – two children or more taking class in the same home

Show Time:
Friday March 26


Participating children need to be available for all of the above times. 

This camp will not be something you can leave your child completely unattended at. Your child will be working with a power tool (sewing machine) and they will need supervision. You know your child best.

You’ll need a stable internet connection, a solid table for the machine (perhaps a different surface than the machine) and a work space on a floor or table where the child can use scissors, scatter pins and safely make a mess. We’ll build in clean up time in the lessons.

It is possible for two children in one home to take this camp and work on one outfit together. It can even be a whole family affair! In this case, we charge an additional fee of $100.

We accept participants on a first-come-first-serve basis.