2021 Fall Classes

Play Safe

The pandemic has hit our drama class programs hard. Our capacity, along with our revenue, has been greatly reduced. We know you want safe options when it comes to classes this fall. We work with a vulnerable population, children, many of whom are not old enough to receive the vaccine. Their safety is our number one priority.

With the province introducing guidelines for theatre-goers that require vaccinations, and with the overwhelming majority of current COVID cases among the unvaccinated population in BC* (and elsewhere), our choice is clear.

Theatre SKAM has introduced a mandatory vaccination policy, requiring all our staff, employees, artists and contractors to be vaccinated. This policy includes our school activities. We expect most participants will be pleased to know their instructor is vaccinated against COVID-19. Any folks who happen to be in the building at the same time as a class is running in another space are also vaccinated.

This policy comes into effect on September 13, 2021. Classes begin September 16, 2021, and most only run five or six weeks (in order to accommodate our next show, which runs in November).

We hope everyone in your household who is eligible to be vaccinated is vaccinated. To be clear, if folks in your household who are eligible to be vaccinated are not vaccinated, please skip this term at SKAM school.

We ask all children to please wear a non-medical mask when they come to class. With the exception of the very young, most students will wear masks in class. Capacity in most classes is limited to 10. The maximum limit for our class admission will be 12.

We are going to have a ton of fun this term. We are also going to Play Safe.

If you have any concerns about this policy, please reach out to me. I can be reached at 250-386-7526.

Thank you,

Matthew Payne

What’s New for Fall 2021

We are offering a youth class for free:
– Shakesqueer (LGBTQIA2S+) for ages 14-18 and taught by Celia Taylor
Musical theatre for a wide range of age groups
A class for adults
A whole lot of new faces!
– check the bios of the teaching artists to see who’s teaching.

Class Fee Breakdown


1 hour class = $200
1.25 hour class = $225
1.5 hour = $250
2 hour class = $300

*Please note all classes will run for 6 weeks

Need help paying for a class? Apply to our school fund here or email [email protected].


Street view of the SKAM office

Fall Classes Location

SKAM Satellite Studio, 849 Fort Street
Accessibility Information

Teaching Artist Bios

Learn more about the artists leading our 2021 Fall Classes


Get registration support by contacting our School Administrator at [email protected] or calling the SKAM Hotline (250) 386-7526. Any inquires about classes should be sent to the classes teaching artist, emails are listed with the teacher bios here.

Classes for Ages 6-13

Musical Theatre (Ages 6-10)

While plays are fun – in musical theatre, when you have no more words to say, you sing, and when you can no longer stand still, you dance. Use your singing, dancing, and acting skills altogether! We will focus on storytelling through voice and movement/dance while learning selected scenes and musical numbers from Broadway shows to perform in the last class

Teaching Artist: Kendra Bidwell

Date 2021:
September 16 – October 28
Thursdays 5:30 – 7:00  pm
NOTES: holiday Sept 30, Truth and Reconciliation

Price: $250



Improv (Ages 9-13)

In this class, students will learn the basic skills of improvisational theatre through games and simple scene work. Skills include: how to give and receive ideas from their scene partner, the basics of character work, problem-solving, and learning how to tell simple stories while working together. Students will be challenged to listen to their scene partner(s) and provide strong offers. They will learn how to explore themes, tell enriched stories and create unique characters. This class can be taken a number of times. Students will perform a final improv showcase with lights and sound. 

Teaching Artist: Celia Taylor

Date 2021:
September 22 – October  27
Wednesdays 5:00 – 6:30  pm 

Price: $250


Classes for Ages 19+

Rom-Coms (Adults 19 and up)

A class for hopeless romantics

Join us for a meeting of strangers where we will improvise, devise, and materialize a 15-20 minute rom-com play. What stories do you want to tell? How would you write the perfect love story? Will love triumph against all odds? Join us and find out.


Week 1 – Oct 7
– Basics: Learn scene work and rom-com structure
– Improvise

Week 2 – Oct 14
– Part 2: Structured Devising (Working Backwards)

Week 3 Oct 21
– 45 min to edit the script on projector
– Rehearse

Week 4 – Oct 28
– In-Depth Rehearsal

Week 5 – Nov 4
– Night of Theatre (performance)

Teaching Artist: Justin Francis Lee and Ciaran Volke

October 7 –  November 4
Thursdays 7:15 – 9:15  pm 

Price: $300  FLASH SALE! $250 until Sep. 30



Classes for Ages 12+

Collaborative Theatre (Ages 13-18)

Let’s put our writing, acting, and directing skills to the test! Students will develop their writing skills and self-expression through the process of creating and rehearsing their own play. This class involves improvisation, writing, and collaborative discussion with award-winning director Anna Marie Anderson!

Teaching Artist: Anna Marie Anderson

Date 2021:
September 20  – November  1  (SIX CLASSES)
Mondays 7:15 – 8:45  pm
NOTES: no classes on Oct. 11,  Thanksgiving

Price: $250



Registration Tips

Register online with Credit Card. For all other payments, please contact [email protected] to set up a time to register over the phone.

**Does a class say “waitlist only”? Just register like you normally would and you’ll be added to the waitlist automatically!