Staying at home gives us a chance to be creative, spend more time with family and hone our talents. To help kick-start your creativity, this page has some free, fun content for youth and families. SKAM School of Performing Arts teachers Tony Adams and Monica Ogden thought they’d share some of their favourite theatre games with you to enjoy at this time!


The story begins. You’re hooked on every word, glued to your seat. And then, suddenly, you’re left hanging! How does it end?!

The Adventures of Didi is a story told in parts posted daily that will keep you coming back. Told by Tony Adams and Monica Ogden, this story  follows Didi, who goes by the pronouns “they/them”, on a grocery trip that turns completely upsidedown when they meet a  mysterious troll.

Make this a creative exercise by creating your own parts to the story! If you’d like to share yours, send us a write-up or a video of your performance to Enjoy!

Mo’s Daily Briefing

Canadian kid Mo speaks to media about COVID-19.

This creative and often comedic project is dictated by the whims of a seven-year-old. Days may be skipped, episodes may be delayed, and we have no idea how long the series will go on. Enjoy it while it lasts, friends.

Watch all episodes here.