Staying at home gives us a chance to be creative, spend more time with family and hone our talents. To help kick-start your creativity, this page has some free, fun content for youth and families. SKAM School of Performing Arts teachers Tony Adams and Monica Ogden share below some of their favourite theatre games for you to enjoy at this time. You just need at least two people and some imagination! 


The Adventures of Didi is a story told in parts – we post one every day  until the story is done! Told by Tony Adams and Monica Ogden, this story  follows Didi, who goes by the pronouns “they/them”, on a grocery trip that turns completely upside down – and it all starts with a mysterious troll.

You can make this a creative exercise by creating your own parts to the story! If you’d like to share yours, send us a write-up or a video of your performance to [email protected]

Mo’s Daily Briefing

Canadian kid Mo gives daily briefings from his home! Topics include Star Wars, shaving his dad’s head, and singing in the rain. You just never know what you’re going to get with Mo.

Watch all episodes here.