Theatre SKAM, Victoria’s most daring theatre company, is inviting up to 28 children ages 9 to 13 to participate in Fashion Machine, an arts project that culminates in a public show where the children remake select audience members outfits in less than one hour.

For those who don’t know, Fashion Machine is the Theatre SKAM show where kids have a chance to totally remake the outfit of a person they’ve never met before.

Children will present Fashion Machine in a public space, for a live audience. The shows will occur at SKAM Satellite Studio (849 Fort Street) on March 3 @ 7pm and March 4 @ 2pm.

There will be several training sessions prior to the two public showings.

The dates and times children must* be available are:


  • Friday February 24 – 4pm to 6pm; 2 hours
  • Saturday February 25 – 10am to 1pm; 3 hours
  • Sunday February 26 – 10am to 1pm; 3 hours
  • Monday February 27 – 4pm to 6pm; 2 hours
  • Tuesday February 28 – 4pm to 6pm; 2 hours
  • Wednesday March 1 – OFF
  • Thursday March 2 – 4pm to 6pm; 2 hours


  • Friday March 3 – 6pm safety tour, 7pm Showtime, 8:30pm end of show
  • Saturday March 4 – 1:30pm arrive, 2pm Showtime, 3:30pm end of show

(*Okay, if you had to miss one afternoon session, we can probably handle that.)

Participating children will need to be available for the above times, and will be paid an honorarium of $25 for their work.

The cost for the program is flexible. We think it is worth $200, however, we want no barriers for participation. If your child needs this camp, it is on us. If you are able to chip in, great- please do. (You’ll enter the contribution amount when you register.)

The training involves children spending time with experts in theatre, photography, clothing manufacturing and design. We will encourage play and gain skills required to remake existing outfits into our own creations. We’ll discuss the state of the fashion industry and how this relates to climate.

The show will involve children interviewing an adult they do not know, working in small groups to remake that adult’s outfit (using scissors, a sewing machine, and a whole lot of décor) and then commenting at a short fashion show featuring the new outfits.

If you are interested, please Register Here by February 15, 2023.

For questions email or phone (250) 386-7526.

More information on the company and the show Fashion Machine is available here.

Thank you.