SKAM Studios – 1030 North Park

Rental Information

Located at the back of the blue house at 1030 North Park, SKAM Studios offers two unique spaces for rehearsal and meetings.

Located on the lower level is primary studio. This is our multi-purpose classroom and rehearsal space. Our primary studio is wheelchair accessible.

Located above is a Meeting Room/Secondary Studio with curtain to allow for privacy. This is not wheelchair accessible.

There is one bathroom upstairs and it is not wheelchair accessible.

Rental rates are sliding scale based on individual needs. Contact us by filling out the form by hitting the button below!

Primary Studio – (21′ x 10′ plus an alcove area that is 11′ x 8′)

Meeting Room / Secondary Studio – (12 x 17 w 9ft ceiling)


Looking for parking by the studio? The map below shows the areas that you can park.

Blue Line = Time limited parking. On North Park Street, it is 2 hr parking 9:00am to 6:00 pm, unlimited after 6:00 pm

Green Line = Unrestricted Parking

Red Line = Residential

Yellow Line = No Parking

Pay parking at on-street meters is in effect from 9am-6pm. Parking is free from 6pm-9am and all day on holidays.

Payment can be made by coin, credit card, the ParkVictoria app, or the City Parking Card at an on-street pay station within your zone.